A turnkey corporate is the preparation and organization of an event from the very first meeting or conversation with a client to the end of the event. The agency of holiday services ARENA CS completely frees the customer from resolving all issues, allowing him to participate in the organization process only if there is a desire. By ordering a turnkey corporate event, you will save yourself from the worries and worries associated with the preparation of the event.

Turnkey corporate: issues, the solution of which we take upon ourselves!

Event agency: what is it? This is a company that can prepare an event in a few days, keeping within the budget agreed with the client. The cost of the corporate party will depend on which corporate party program will be chosen by the customer, where the event will be held, as well as on how many guests there will be, what kind of kitchen will be and much more. What issues does the company solve when ordering a turnkey corporate service?

  • The format of the event.
  • Development of the holiday content (leading events, artists, stars, musical groups).
  • Concept and program for a corporate party.
  • Technical support (light, sound, stage decoration).
  • Registration of the site for a corporate party.
  • Providing logistics.

Turnkey corporate: what do event managers need to manage?