Each event assumes food for participants and development of a menu on a corporate event. In this article we collected recommendations for correct choice of a catering company. But at first we will be presented. We are an event agency ARENA CS, which conducts its activity for 14 years. Our field of activity is an organization and holding events of all formats. We successfully realized more than 7000 projects for our lifetime.

Each our event manager Kiev, realizes how important that everything went cool that all were happy, and he could tell with pride about this event, especially, if it was a large-scale event. According to one regular customer: “Events with ARENA CS are emotions which cannot be expressed in words!”

Recommendations on how to choose the menu for a corporate event and how to find a good catering company 

Recommendation no. 1. The menu on a corporate event: we organize food for guests

As we already told above, practically each event means catering services for participants. At a choice of a menu it is necessary to be guided by such aspects:

  • where to carry out a corporate event. A choice of a menu also depends on a venue. If a hotel is chosen as a location, then a menu is formed according to all requirements to a festive banquet. If a venue is a conference room, then it is necessary to provide a menu for a buffet reception here: cold appetizers, sandwiches, etc. Therefore before drawing up a menu, it is necessary to be defined where to carry out a corporate event;
  • how to carry out a corporate event. Development of a menu depends on purposes and aims of an event;
  • an event’s format also plays an essential role for a menu. An organization of a holiday Kiev assumes a plentiful feast, and business event, for example, conference, having a snack and coffee breaks;
  • event’s budget. Seeking to feed and give to drink dear visitors the tastiest dishes and drinks, it is possible to miss an event essence. I.e. having placed emphasis at a banquet, not to realize purposes, which were planned initially; number of guests.
  • It is necessary to make the list of guests, and from the one whom will be more, men or women, an amount of alcohol on your event will depend as well as entertainments and competitions  on a corporate event.
  • Active games, sports and command competitions increase appetite, what definitely influences a menu on a corporate event, depending on the fact that a corporate event scenario contains.

It is necessary to include vegetarian and dietary dishes in menu. The skilled event manager Kiev obligatory includes various dishes in menu, that all guests could find food to their taste.

Important! You should not order a large number of alcoholic beverages by drawing up a menu on a corporate event, there is quite reasonable risk to turn a normal event into a drunken uproar. 

Recommendation no. 2. The menu on the office party: how to choose correct a contractor

It is possible to provide food by means of services of restaurant or catering company. The catering company will organize food and drinks delivery in a specified place and time. If with restaurant everything is clear, then a choice of a catering services’ supplier is under a big question.

меню на корпоратив

We bring to attention the list of criteria by which it is necessary to choose the performer:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to check a company for membership in profile and business associations, public organizations, etc.
  2. Look for information on the Internet, so you will be able to make the most objective opinion.
  3. Learn whether a company has its personnel profile certificates, differences.
  4. Study experience, you should not trust beginners, who came to the market yesterday.
  5. Check an experience on similar or very similar with your project.
  6. Now many companies offer versatile services, but when it is required to choose a contractor, it is better to choose a company, which practices narrow-purpose services.
  7. With whom they had cooperation and who are their regular customers.
  8. Address them and talk. Request and analyze the curriculum vitae of those employees, which will be directly with you.
  9. Study what menu on a corporate event performer can offer. What services offers. Check a company’s insurance. In case an event is connected with a big budget it should be made. If a company has insurance obligations, then it demonstrates that it is ready to undertake obligations.
  10. These are important fact of a company’s solvency. Learn form of company’s ownership. In what way will be made out bills: with the VAT, without the VAT.
  11. The following step verifies these data with a position of your accounts department. Specify all parties of maintaining documentation. How payment will be made: cash or clearing settlement.
  12. It is better to choose a supplier, who has flexibility in this matter, who is capable to conduct dialogue and to make agreements.
  13. When there are foreigners among guests on an event, surely demand service personnel with free knowledge of English.
  14. Ask many versatile questions to a supplier. In a course of negotiating, coordination of a budget contractor it is always necessary to put temporary terms and to ask to appoint a responsible employee.

Remember that when you are answered in monosyllables and supplier always agree, at the same time do not ask questions, it has to guard you. The good contractor always asks many questions. Thus it is clear that a company tries to perform its work perfectly well. And if they only agree with you and promise to make everything – it is an indicator that you need urgently to look for other contractor.

Recommendation no. 3. The menu on a corporate event: how to conduct correct cooperation with a supplier

Never sign a standard contract, even if a subject is only a menu on a corporate event on 20 participants. Works in details to maximum paint your requirements and expectations of the contract. For mobilization of a contractor and to secure itself, work to paint to the maximum all your requirements and expectations.  In that case an organization of a holiday Kiev will be secured from unpleasant moments also you can be sure that your guests will not remain hungry.

Attention! Success of any event directly depends on planning and it is not important that it: a menu on a corporate event, gifts on a corporate event, entertainments on a corporate event or competitions on a corporate event.

меню на корпоратив

It is possible to secure itself against mistakes in a menu on a corporate event in that case, when negotiations are documented. But unfortunately, it is not always possible. Therefore it is necessary to agree on the run, in a hurry, by phone very often. And it inevitably leads to the fact that a performer did not understand you. And then instead of strawberry you can receive bananas. In order to avoid it support each conversation with a letter, in which in details state a subject of a conversation and reached agreements. Send the letter to mail to a supplier, and request confirmation. In this way you will save, at least, a menu on a corporate event, and, as a maximum, a holiday from possible troubles.

How to carry out a corporate event cheerfully whithiut worries about a choice of a catering company and drawing up a menu on a corporate event?

Answer: very simply, having addressed in an event agency ARENA CS! Our company will provide performance of all works connected with organization of events. Beginning with a scenario for a corporate event, finishing with what gifts on a corporate event will approach the best. We have an acquired base of all services’ suppliers and catering companies for a long time. Therefore, with the choice of a menu on a corporate event you’ll definitely have no problems, we – offer, you – claim! you will be proud of an event which carried out with ARENA CS!

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