Initial purpose of any enterprise is to solve the existing problem and to facilitate people’s life, and, of course, to earn money. Steady and stable companies, besides earnings of money, surely bear a sense or a mission of their existence, their mission. The mission is a business to which the company serves. The mission forms values and the business principles, reflects the company’s mission, its positioning and, the most important, reflects a role, which the company carries out in society.

The ARENACS Company specializes in creation of large-scale events and projects for the international corporations and non-governmental organizations for 14 years. In 2017 ARENACS held 1728 events and more than 7248 projects were realized in 14 years. It is difficult to achieve such result without existence of the mission and values, which are capable to attract light and to hold clients and employees, who infected with the idea of a company’s mission. Values formation is one of the main management’s objectives. Values are important part of corporate culture and it is not financial interest. There are four of such values in the ARENA CS Company:

be free, act,

be responsible, systematize,

be productive, relish,

be creative, create.


What does such business philosophy give?

Yana Matviychuk is the general manager of the company, emphasizes that the employees team motivated with the first value does not need “the big boss” and constant control. Each employee has functional duties and a responsibility circle. Everyone plans his own work, makes available decisions with full responsibility for them.

The event organizers team has no right for a mistake and it is have to bear responsibility for each step. On a game – reputation, success, strategic objectives of the event’s customer and there is no chance for mistakes correction. There has to be a systemic process, no matter how creative will be an employee, to fix correctly, to present and to realize fruits of his work – it is the second value of the Company.

The third value is a desire, that all participants of process derive a real pleasure from work process and crash from result, otherwise efforts will be vain.

The fourth value is creativity, which is a basis of a qualitative event, because customers address us to be in the focus of attention.

Mission as quality assuarance of the company

The mission of ARENACS is “We develop business activity in Ukraine”. In other words, we undertake measures which help the clients to solve a set of problems in business productive. Thanks to an event, business finds partners and advances, sells its products, creates positive image, enters the international markets or creates a corporate culture in the Company, builds team, realizes the new ideas, trains employees and so on. 60% of events are headed with international investors and guests participation, which leave Ukraine with understanding of its force and potential. A lot of things in this impression depend on success of the held event. Ideally, to hold events, professional skills, knowledge and experience are necessary. Therefore, if such stunning ideas are embodied here, what shows so high service level, then it is possible to invest money here. ARENA CS visualizes the mission in an art object.  In 2018, thanks to the project “Embody a mission. Look in the future”, the ARENA CS Company managed to materialize the mission in a type of an art object, which will be presented in the Mistetsky Arsenal from April 18 to April 20.

Research project “Embody a mission. Look in the future” it is a platform for creative dialogue between representatives of business, arts and innovators. The project purpose is to distribute information about socially responsible business at the heart of which is conscious public mission and values. The research project consists of three elements. Debate platform: within three days reports will be submitted and discussions about vision of the future in measurement will take place: art – business – innovation. Innovation platform: the platform of innovators where visitors will be able to see the latest technologies personally, which is only begin to enter into our daily occurrence.

Art platform: exposition of sculptures and installations which reflects missions of the leading Ukrainian companies.

Researches of structure and features of the participating companies of the project are the basis for each work.

Art object becomes the spokesman, embodiment of Company’s essence.

There are such known brands among participants of the project as Nova Posta, OLX, Intertop, Deloitte, Biosphere, Kyivstar, Baker Tilly, Figaro Catering, BAO, EVO Company, Agromat, KIDDISVIT, CEO Club Ukraine, Cosmo, Faure, ARENA CS and others.