New Year’s corporate event, before new working year, it is a fine and light festive event, connected with hope for the best in the coming year, with expectation of all goals’ achievement and fulfillment of desires. At this time everyone waits for miracles and pleasant gifts, not only from close people, but, also, from colleagues and management. ARENA CS Event Company is capable to turn any New Year’s corporate event into a real winter’s tale, which will be remembered for a long time by all events’ guests and will leave only positive impressions on them. Modern businessmen perfectly know that united, harmonious collective and presence of a corporate spirit are an integral part of effective firm’s work in general.

And New Year’s corporate event is a good opportunity to bring together colleagues at one table; it promotes association, mood lightening, and, as a result, increases company’s profit. New Year’s parties became an important component long time ago in practically each firm, which respects themselves. And it is a wonderful tradition, which brings delight and psycho emotional unloading both to administration, and subordinates. How to make New Year’s corporate event non-standard and entertaining? And why it is worth preparing for an event even in autumn – advices from a marketing director of the ARENA CS event agency Yulia Gulevich.

New year’s corporate event: successful organization from ARENA CS event company

Already now a lot of people think how to celebrate a New Year’s corporate event. Before discussing this subject, I will tell about a New Year’s meeting at the Boryspil airport!

Meeting of a New Year at Boryspil airport does not cause positive emotions of many persons. But imagine that it is a corporate event with all attributes “before take-off”!

Yes, it is productive and cheerful, and also it is very unusual!

We offered this creative concept to our customer and, on our surprise, they agreed! How it was embodied in reality:

  • blinking of landing strips,
  • special signals of planes,
  • DUTY FREE, Check-In,
  • take-off and landing,
  • the two-storey building of terminal for all activities, – these are more than 5000 square meters of rooms,
  • 200 experts on installation worked!
  • It is some nights of ARENA CS’s employees without sleep,
  • tens of passed kilometers per day,
  • nearly 1000 liters of diesel fuel to reach a warm atmosphere in the terminal high of all command from event and New Year’s snow these days!

And all this, in a sake of an unforgettable atmosphere of adventures and travel, which were reigning the whole evening!

Corporative event 2018 – how to surprise employees and whether it is necessary to do it?

To make a long-awaited New Year’s party successful and unforgettable, it is necessary to begin prepare for it since October. A huge work waits ahead: analysis of employees’ desires, selection of an event format. And it is also necessary to think over scenario of a New Year’s corporate event carefully. To manage to reserve an ideal location for event’s holding; to order a professional host and a photographer (video operator). Many firms need the same. For this reason, it is worth hurrying, to not to be trapped and not to disappoint employees.

Fortunately, today it is not necessary to do it all by yourself and to worry at any slightest pretext – there are we – ARENA CS event agency, having  more than 14 years’ experience in the sphere of event-management and successfully organized more than 1500 events in 2017. As a rule, organization of a New Year’s corporate party starts a long before a winter beginning. Our company’s staff reserves a location, agree a budget, and also think out New Year’s theme and scenario, finds host, photographer, invites guests, thinks over competitions on a New Year’s corporative event and writes timing on minutes.

New year’s corporate event: modern trends

What is it – a modern corporate culture? More than 90% of questioned HR managers noted that changes in economic and conceptual parts of a corporative event are expected at market. Conceptual part.

  1. No more lacking “washings” ideas – only exclusive solution of various business challenges – team building, to remove bad mood, to lift corporate spirit, to define each worker’s role, to leave from posh to sociality, from performances to team building, even during New Year’s corporate event.
  2. Economic part. Owners of the companies seek to leave from “heavy” banquets, expensive restaurant complexes in central part of city, demanded dates and from representatives of show business. Catering, country places, thematic are in trend. And, also, interesting New Year’s competitions for a corporate event, which involve in an event and, at the same time, can inform participants about some important corporate purposes and tasks.

It is possible to make a conclusion from this: today, it is reasonable to spend money only for useful New Year’s corporate events! For a business owner, each competently organized event is an investment into his own firm and employees. HR directors wait exactly this from us, as from skilled event organizer. We provide these services to them, not only corresponding to market, but forming it.

Why it is worth ordering a new year’s corporate event in the ARENA CS company?

We know our job, how to work correctly, without making the most widespread mistakes. There are a lot of advantages of cooperation with our company. The following of them should be admitted:

  1. a clear understanding of event’s aims and unique approach to each client. Therefore, we begin work with each customer with words “What for?” – Why do you hold an event, a New Year’s corporate event? What goal did you set? If there is no purpose, than we help to find it to make an event not only cheerful, but also useful. It’s not a secret for everyone that a lot of event agencies try to sell the same things on the same technicians. However, we always seek to understand, what kind of collective wants to celebrate a New Year’s corporate event (Kiev)? What an event’s purposes and, also, we create a unique scenario of a New Year’s corporate event.
  2. There is an absence of “trash” activities. It will not be offered to you cockroach races, throwing of axes, inflatable suits for sumo and other things, which not absolutely relevant to a New Year’s corporate event.
  3. We are able to work with “niche” audiences (highly specialized experts) from the point of view of a New Year’s corporate event idea and creative.
  4. After 2-3 years of work with each client, we do not “relax” at any event; we study audience of our customer and we select place at the most effective way for activities and for creative achievement of each event’s goals. We know how to hold a New Year’s corporate event with success for any company.
  6. There is an absence of inconveniences with a location. We think over everything in advance: all logistics and people’s movement on a location. Details matter; a bad wardrobe can spoil all New Year’s corporate event! For example, there are placements, where normal wardrobe is not provided as well as protection of guests’ things. We think over all this in details. We know where it is necessary to think over and organize a certain protected room under our responsibility.
  7. Our employees provide to event’s guests a place for outerwear, footwear and other personal belongings storage, for guests’ quiet rest and to make them not carry with themselves excess things and gifts. The aim of our event agency is not to sell as much as possible services, having by this way a maximum profit, but to make client to achieve an event’s aims, and, also, to make client completely satisfied with our work to make him to continue a further cooperation with us.

How does an organization of new year’s holidays in ARENA CS event company pass?

Professional event managers of our agency will write a New Year’s scenario; will think over all details, which influence on a party situation: decorating of a hall, program of a New Year’s corporate event, variety of a menu and, also, a host on a New Year’s corporate event. An event can be held for every taste or can be stylized under a certain event: movie or era. In these cases, confetti, garlands and spheres are simply not enough!

We develop a scenario on a New Year’s corporate event for long time before an event, to make it possible to do amendments and to be absolutely ready to a festive event.

One more important nuance: every attendee should not be “aside” from an event. For this reason, we pay attention to everyone; we create such show, that each guest could participate in its celebration. For this purpose, we think out individual congratulations, interesting activities and competitions for a New Year’s corporate event. The New Year’s corporate event is capable to become a true trend of firm, its peculiar business card. For this reason, we track the most relevant and creative ideas for a New Year’s corporate event and we conduct cooperation with many representatives of a show of business. There are no two identical firms as well as there are no two identical events. Any show can be presented absolutely differently and our main objective consists in it – to present for you such New Year’s scenario for a corporate event, which will become a “highlight” of your firm.

What does a successful holding of a new year’s corporate event consist in?

In our event company a mass of new ideas for organization of events is generated daily, competitions on a New Year’s corporate event create. And we will always help you by having rallied employees and having lifted your company’s corporate spirit. It can seem that competitions on a New Year’s corporate event sounds not really beautiful, but we will offer such activities, that your guests will remember this event for the whole year! It is important to involve participants, to make them co present to an event during all evening and even after it. Do you want a New Year’s corporate event to become a really bright and unique event? In this case, it is necessary to think over the main moments well: what kind of a New Year’s corporate event to hold, that will leave only a positive impression; how to decorate a celebration to make it bright, stylish, extraordinary; how to carry out a New Year’s corporate event, to make all guests not to fell boring, but to make them fell fascinating and cheerfully; what style of an event to pick up, which will suite everyone; where to carry out a New Year’s corporate event, that there was a certain novelty aspect; what ideas are the most popular today? Symbol of coming year is Yellow Earth Pig – sociable, artistic and patient, which will be able to prompt a set of festive event’s concepts; will help to think over a scenario on a New Year’s corporate event. Though, we can also manage without pig in preparation of your corporate event’s concept. Organizing a New Year’s corporate event, employees of our event agency attentively listen to a customer; for us, your wishes, purposes and tasks for holding a New Year’s Eve party are the most important. Having revealed all needs of a customer, we write and develop an event’s original concept, which is completely corresponds to all moments.

To thought over a subject of a new year’s corporate event is the most important component of successful event

New Year’s Eve corporate events are always thematic events. Each firm, respecting herself, tries to please a collective with a bright and unforgettable celebration. Thus management and HR managers perfectly understand that typical feast and a distracting program of a New Year’s corporate event will hardly promote employees’ unity, because a banal sit-round, gathering at a table, is mean a passive participation of invited people. Besides, majority considers this celebration format too tiring. How to really interest employees, to provide relaxed atmosphere and at the same time to rally team having spent corporate New Year? First of all, it is necessary to think over a celebration format, location, New Year’s scenario and active entertainments. At the same time it is worth taking the following detail into account: company’s scales do not matter – New Year’s corporate event has to have a certain uniting idea. Otherwise, a New Year’s corporate event will certainly turn into a typical banquet. To show collective’s value for firm, to increase its involvement, motivation and reliability, to make friends of employees – there are main tasks, which are usually facing a corporate event. Especially under these tasks it is worth thinking over a scenario on a New Year’s corporate event.

What kind of a new year’s corporate event theme can be?

If New Year’s corporate event is hold by our employees – a magnificent holiday and great mood to you and your guests are guaranteed. We have a various set of creative ideas. Of course, it is possible to hold an event according to a traditional banquet scheme. However, it is much more entertaining to carry out a New Year’s corporate event by stylizing it under one of the following tendencies: New Year’s banquet with a show program; New Year’s party in country; sport festive event; culinary battles; exhibition events, in which different master classes are combined; various competitions and tasty treats; karaoke competitions for New Year’s corporate event; unique author’s concepts from ARENA CS. Taking into attention an age and status of event’s participants and ,also, your firm’s sphere of activity –  it is possible to turn corporate event’s guests into the lady and gentlemen with elegant manners, in actors, robbers, magic or film characters.  Absolutely various ideas happen on a New Year’s corporate event. Often, everyone invited to an event, needs to think up dresses in advance.

Corporate new year: what does preparation begin with?

Organization of a New Year’s corporate event starts with a choice of subject, a plan formation and a scenario creation. At the same time it is necessary to take into account distinctive features: age frameworks and employees’ interests, general subjects for communication. What unites you in firm is capable to become turning point in determining a festive event’s format.

Even if you are an owner of small firm, then 7 days for preparation of a corporate event, most likely, will not be enough. And if your staff includes not less than 100 employees, then the volume of organizational works will increase in many times. Therefore, to make an event to surpass all your expectations – it is worth to entrust its organization to our skilled experts. Stay engaged in business, you are perfect in it! And let specially trained people to be engaged in a corporate event’s organization.

How to hold a new year’s corporate event in cheerful and extraordinary way? Choice of an event’s concept

 At first, a concept is defined and a name of a New Year’s corporate event is thought out. After that – all the rest: location, stylistic, design, New Year’s scenario, etc. Having picked up a location, in practice, quite often customers ask a question: “what creative and not sample can be thought there?” The unusual scenario assumes a New Year’s corporate event unique selection of interesting activities. And quizzes, games, riddles etc. – already became a little outdated. And gifts, of course, will be necessary for encouragement of participants’ activities. It can be, for example, the company’s branded things – small and at the same time nice; fragrant gingerbreads and other thematic treats; sets with a New Year’s symbol; figures from chocolate in form of Santa Claus, Christmas balls, snowmen, snowflakes, etc.; personalized souvenirs and printed products (cups, handles, charms, calendars, etc.); or unique interesting gifts, which will be offered by creative producers of ARENA CS.

Organization of new year’s holidays: main features

How exactly will pass a New Year’s corporate event in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa or any other Ukrainian locality: in a form of a fancy-dress masquerade or an official event –  it’s up to you to solve and our event-agency, in its turn, will help you to organize a New Year’s corporate event. Our professional event managers will make a few questions, which need to be solved to plan a New Year’s corporative event: date and location. The best time to hold a New Year’s corporate event is, certainly, the 2nd half of December or beginning of January, and it means that to think up a scenario of a New Year’s corporate event, and, also, it is necessary to choose a location and time in advance, it is desirable for few months before an event. It is possible to look for and to reserve place for several weeks in advance; for this reason, if you begin to prepare earlier, than chances to find the suitable place will be higher, whether it will be an entertaining bowling club, country hotel complex or restaurant for a New Year’s corporate event. Dress-code and theme. This moment is recommended to be discussed with employees in advance. As a fancy-dress party for a New Year can seem to someone too expensive, because a creation of an image, quite often assumes rent (purchase) a dress and, also, selection of a corresponding requisite. The best solution of this problem is a creation of a questionnaire, for example, in Google form, which capable to help to find out collective’s mood. Budget. As a rule, the budget for carrying out a New Year’s corporate event is funded by management. If in your firm there is another situation, then it is necessary to understand precisely, how much money your employees agree to give on a New Year’s corporate event. Anyway, economical relation to own finances guarantees that your mood, after an event, will not be spoiled by a huge account. When you hire the ARENA CS Company, than an account for an event will be approved in advance and we will help not to be beyond the budget.

Where is to hold a new year’s corporate event? 

It is better to plan to carry out a New Year’s corporate event out of office. You see, to celebrate a holiday, to have fun and laugh in company of colleagues much more pleasant in light relaxed atmosphere, far away from working surroundings. Selection of a room – this is the major stage in a successful event’s organization. Stylish banquet room, comfortable room for holding a thematic event, organization of departure out of city – any option is real, thanks to our wide partner network.

We will be able to pick up and rent for your event everything: from a restaurant complex to a yacht or a country house. At the same time, we will consider all your wishes or we will offer a set of own options. We will easily pick up the platform for a thematic event: night club, old castle, restaurant, golf club, silent houses on tourist base in country. Thanks to excellent knowledge of locations and to an acquired communications, we will always find such place, which will be ideal for your status and surroundings and, also, will effectively be entered in a festive concept of your corporate event.

Registration of a hall, drawing up a menu on a cheerful new year’s corporate event

The reserved hall for an event has to be decorated according to the main theme of a festive event. The menu usually is formed with taking into account flavoring preferences of a client. Dishes surely have to be tasty, various and fresh. For each guest a certain place has to be allocated as well as its own ware and other accessories. Only in this way, there will be no confusion and, also, deficiency of drinks and dishes. To create a certain atmosphere on an event, it is necessary to take care of colorful and stylish decorating of a room, where it will be hold. New Year’s traditional attributes are Christmas tree garlands, balls, confetti, sparkles, but it is not relevant for corporate parties any more. A creative should be connected here. We will pick up suitable requisite, decorative elements, properties for an organization of a special party, holding according to a unique scenario.

Successful scenario of a new year’s corporate event is the key to event’s success

We are ready to organize a thematic corporate event, based on your idea, or we will offer our own sure bets. Certainly, we consider all guests’ features of future event and we do everything to make them feel good. A concept and a scenario on a New Year’s corporate event, which is carried out by our event company, are rather diverse. We individually approach each customer; also, we create a program, considering all his wishes. New Year’s corporate event’s scenario is very often contains a complete thematic concept, for example: we can rent an Airport for your New Year’s corporate event or improbable lock!; and we can create a tropical event; or to simplify everything and to hold a Chicago gangster party; we can remember darlings and dashing nineties; New Year’s party in Las Vegas (For this purpose it is not obligatory to go to Nevada! We will decorate a hall in a way that you’ll be in the center of Vegas!). Today, quite demanded events, which are carry out in style of the eponymous movie or musical. So, New Year’s corporate events in a format of “Dandies” were the most popular in 2016. But we try to think up creative concepts, which will be congenial to YOUR employees and will help to achieve corporate objectives. Under a general theme, we work out competitions and gifts on a New Year’s corporate event, we decorate rooms, we select hosts’ costumes, actors, we provide music, we form a menu – generally, we create an atmosphere of immersion in other reality and in other era.

Professional host on a new year’s corporate event

A charismatic host on a New Year’s corporate event – is a key to a successfully held event. He has to be a master of a colloquial genre, charming person, capable to amuse a staff of a company, to keep its attention and not to allow starting missing to somebody. Moreover, he can easily improvise and to feel audience’s mood; and, what is important, can operate them. We will pick up a true professional for your festive event, which will be able to hold a long-awaited event qualitatively. Thanks to a spectacular show program and to a skilled host, a celebration will leave only bright and positive emotions!

How a new year’s corporate event is held? Approximate scenario of a standard new year’s corporate event

Gathering of guests. Pleasant music sounds in a venue of an event – at the request of a client – a live performance of singers or musicians. Invited guests are welcomed by polite personnel, which help them to orient instantly and to find their place at a table. Everyone can make a photo in a special photo zone or to try tasty cocktail at a bar. Official part. An event’s host invites all guests to sit down on their places, gives a floor to a firm’s management, which congratulates employees on successfully completed working year, sums up its results, gives awards to the best employees. The last, in turn, also step on a stage to receive a gift and to congratulate colleagues with a holiday. Entertaining part. Live music plays on stage during an event, alternating with dancing numbers and, also, with different dramatized and comic performances. The organization of a light or a fire show is possible as well as an invitation of a conjurer or a cartoon maker. Congratulations from a management of firm are said; than various New Year’s competitions for an office party are held. Artists’ presentation. Presentation of a show business’ famous representatives is considered the brightest part of any celebration. Humorists are quite often invited on a New Year’s corporate events instead of pop stars. New Year’s disco. It is, as a rule, the finishing and the longest part of a party. For its realization a professional DJ is invited. Duration of New Year’s dances can be as 2 hours as well as the whole night.

Organization of a new year’s corporate event in ukraine: statistics

A corporate event is the main motivational action for New Year, what is confirmed also by various polls of Ukrainians. According to statistics, data of a poll, which was made in 2013 by the marketing agency Nielsen, the most part of workers treats corporate celebrations in a circle of colleagues kindly and glad to communicate with them in an informal situation  such answers were given by more than 63% questioned. A quarter of domestic workers stand neuter concerning such events. And only 10% of collective prefer not to participate in corporate events. Besides, information of an opinion poll showed that more than 80% of firms’ management is convince, that New Year’s corporate event is an integral component of corporate culture; and a major tool for it is – a creation non-financial motivation and loyalty increase.

Professional holding of new year’s corporate events by ARENA CS event company

Our event company works with various scenarios and budgets, each customer is important to us, regardless of that, whether it is necessary to organize a large-scale New Year’s corporate event (Kiev) for 2000 people with direct participation of entertainment stars and rent of Boryspil International Airport or a modest New Year’s corporate event at office. We undertake any event the most responsibly making the brightest event of an expiring year! Special preparation is necessary for New Year’s celebration. Holding a New Year’s corporate event is a one million difficult tasks, which decision we undertake: creation of an extraordinary scenario and detailed show program; selection of a suitable platform (a New Year’s corporate event at restaurant, hotel, night club, a country complex); thematic hall’s decoration, depending on a corporate style and features of a company’s activity; professional help in selection of dishes and alcoholic (nonalcoholic) drinks; preparation of gifts and prizes (including branded); an invitation of a skilled host (if it is desired – celebrities); thorough preparation of an entertaining part (focuses, comic performances); creation of an interesting competitive program; ensuring a required light and sound equipment; New Year’s disco with a professional DJ. If a customer desire our experts will also undertake the following accompanying services: will make and will distribute company’s invitations to a New Year’s corporate event; will organize transfer of guests to an event location; will carry out video and photographing; will make the video for a memory of a celebration; will reserve rooms for accommodation and plane tickets (train); will organize food for guests for the period of accommodation at locations, etc.

How to hold a new year’s corporate event really unforgettable?

As a New Year’s corporate event in Kiev, as well as at any other Ukrainian city demands careful and systematic work, we advise to begin its organization in advance. Too late beginnings of an event’s preparation will surely address with considerable efforts, including small choice of free locations, actors, photographers, video operators, animators’ loading with corporate events, deficiency of production capacities at polygraphists, etc. Trusting an organization of a corporate event to our event company, you’ll have an opportunity to spend working hours on a solution of more important problems and top working issues before a New Year’s approach. We undertake all range of services beginning from scenario’s aeration and finishing with event coordination during its holding.

ARENA CS event company: an organization of new year’s corporate events with any budget

To all, who plan to celebrate a New Year’s corporate event (Odessa) we recommend to think of a solution of these questions already today and to trust in us. For your consideration, we will submit a scenario for a New Year’s corporate event within the shortest possible time and within the budget, selected with you; and skilled event manager will undertake all efforts on its work and organization. What you receive within the contract: full-fledged cycle of an event’s preparation; a creative scenario on a New Year’s corporate event; selection of qualified specialists; highly professional control and complex administration before and during an event; development and production of souvenirs and gifts; round-the-clock corporate manager. Each head of successful firm knows well, that his team will be able to solve any problem in conditions of rigid deadlines, if his employees are competently motivated, support each other and, also, feel themselves an integral component of united collective. New Year’s corporate event is an easy, fast and pleasant way to increase employees’ motivation, to establish contacts and to strength friendly relationships.

Where is to hold a new year’s corporate event?

Domestic bars, night and bowling clubs, restaurants, entertainment centers, cafe, pothouses, steak houses and casino offered to Ukrainians for corporate event’s celebration, including an entertaining show program, on a New Year’s corporate event competitions with gifts live music, New Year’s discos and, of course, appetizing food. We, in turn, always compare quotations and ideas for a New Year’s corporate event. We select the best offer and New Year’s scenario for a corporate event, which will completely suit you and yours collective. There are a lot of places, where it is possible to celebrate a New Year’s corporate event in our country. Selecting a location for an event, it is necessary to consider what number of guests will come. For a small firm, consisting of 10-20 people, it is possible just to reserve a table at restaurant where a festive event will take place. And for big organizations, in which not less than 100 people work, it is necessary to rent a large-scale location. Cafe and restaurants are suitable for a banquet. For a buffet reception entertaining and night-clubs will become a good location. Karaoke, bowling and billiards will become excellent entertainment at a party, which a lot of places offer for guests. Recreation facilities are ideal for an event in a format of team building, in which arsenal there are: ATVs, snowboards, skis, skates, rope parks and other entertainments. A place arrangement is also important. So, if an event takes place at the end of a working day, a restaurant, which is nearby office, will become an ideal choice. It will give a chance to save time for employees’ gathering and to increase an event’s time. If it is planned to carry out a corporate event in country, it is necessary that it was comfortable to reach there for everybody or to organize a transfer to a destination.

New year’s corporate event: ideas and purposes

Various corporate events help to create a corresponding mood. Team building, intensive tours and, of course, New Year’s party are the most beloved holidays, which is perfectly suitable both for entertainments, and for collective interaction.  An aim of a real corporate event is not only to allow people to relax and talk with each other in a non-working situation, but also to befriend the employees, what  will surely affect on efficiency of their work in a positive way. Such effect is possible in case, where true professionals of this business organize a corporate event.

Of course, some heads have a considerable temptation to save money and entrust all organizational efforts to a manager. However, it is equivalent to someone’s attempts of independent repair of a vehicle by means of a hammer and Google, when there is a service station with computer diagnostics nearby. Entrust holding a corporate event to us – the ARENA CS event company. We will create a celebration according to all requirements: with various goodies, entertainments, prizes, cheerful communication and a pleasant atmosphere.

Author: Yulia Gulevich