The holiday’s bureau ARENA CS heads the rating of event agencies; organization of a corporate holiday is one of the main activities. Our event business is successful thanks to a special technique, experience and qualified personnel. All our organizers and hosts of events understand how it is important, that everything went cool, that all were happy, and he could tell with pride about this event, especially, if it was a large-scale event.

Organization of a corporate holiday: how an event manager works

In order that the organization of a corporate holiday was successful first of all it is necessary to realize goals. Professional events’ organization provides a preparatory stage, which consists of the following items:

  1. Each customer receives a personal event manager; he conducts all negotiations, advises and provides service in the mode 24/7.
  2. A holiday’s organization begins with a dialogue on specification of event’s features, number of guests, requirements to a location and menu, entertainment program, etc.
  3. Organization of holidays Ukraine. The event manager in 2 days provides 3 locations at choice, preliminary estimate. Reserves and makes an advance payment in hotel, restaurant.
  4. Coordinates a final version and approves a preliminary budget.
  5. An organizer provides to client information about event, conducts negotiations with suppliers and intermediaries.
  6. Carrying out holidays, scenarios. Development of a concept and script writing, which are equitable to the interests of target audience and its values; customer’s requirements and event’s purposes.

Organization of a corporate holiday: how a documentation is kept

An organization of a corporate holiday is a conducting document flow. All registration and filling of documents, preparation of payments, advance payment, agreements, acceptance reports of works, acts of the performed works accountants are engaged only.

Организация корпоративного праздника

An organization of holidays and celebrations provides documentary maintenance, consisting of such stages from the following stages:

  • Signing by a customer and performer of a preliminary estimate, obtaining an account by a customer on an advance payment.
  • Advance payment to hotels and other contractors. On the end of an event a performer makes the final budget and other documents.
  • On a basis of a final budget mutual settlement is carried out.
  • Such algorithm of conducting document flow is conducted in all cases, even if it is organization and holding banquets for collective from 15 people.

An organization of a corporate holiday by the arena cs company

We know all about events’ organization theory, also are ready to show our knowledge in practice. Event agency ARENA CS renders such services:

  • business events of all formats,
  • organization of firm’s anniversary,
  • organization of carrying out holidays and organization of corporate events outdoors, offside events.

Carrying out holidays Kiev: events with ARENA CS are emotions, which cannot be expressed in words!

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A host of events is required.

An organization of company’s anniversary interests. Y

ou will be proud of an event which carried out with ARENA CS!

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проведение корпоратива на новый год

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