Organization of corporate holidays and events is the main directions in work of an event agency ARENA CS. Specialists of the company have long-term experience in holding similar events. Organization of corporate events outdoors? Holding a corporate party? Organization of firm’s anniversary? Holding mass events? We are ready to organize any holiday at a top-level. 

Organization of corporate holidays and events: main aspect

An organization of corporate holidays and events for a large number of people is a responsible process. Each expert’s decision has to be thought out and agreed in advance. Professional events’ organization means priority of interests not only customers, but also each participant. At a mass event we advise to use Enercell company services! Thanks to Enersell platforms, all clients will be able to stay in touch throughout all event! 

Organization of corporate holidays and events with enercell!

Enercell is a company, without which carrying out a corporate holiday, with more than 300 of participants, is almost impossible. Why? Just because all of event’s participants are business people, with their cares, with their functioning business, with their work and duties. They need to stay in touch 24 hours a day. It is possible with Enercell! Business event will hold as it is planned, all guests will be involved in discussion process, but not to endure and look for a socket for gadget charging.

Яна Матвийчук

Organization of corporate holidays and events: an offer from enercell

Always chooses only the best; do not agree just for a good! Organization of corporate holidays and events with Enersell not only will surprise visitors, but also will raise a status of an event in the opinion of participants, partners and even competitors. What is offered by Enersell?

  1. The next: individually adjusted forward panel, which will easily fit into any event, whether it will be PR organization of events, organization of a presentation, firm’s anniversary.
  2. The panel will look as a client will want (placement of logos, advertizing materials and also, a branding is possible).
  3. The devices monitor playing a photo and video materials (up to 8 photos and to two videos lasting 30 seconds). 6 charging cells on the platform provide interactivity and increase efficiency of advertizing materials, due to interaction of people with the charging station.
  4. Existence in each cell 4 cables for different models of mobile phones, therefore each participant will be able to use this platform.

Organization of carrying out holidays with enercell is it the best choice?

Organization of corporate holidays and events for a large number of participants always demands big expenses, not only material, but creative, technical and intellectual. The choice of Enersell platforms will help to solve a set of problems and to make a holiday unforgettable, both for a customer, and for guests!

Yulia Gulevich

Менеджер по организации мероприятий

Marketing director of an event agency ARENA CS.

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