An organization of corporate holidays is gaining steam today. Where and how to hold a corporate event? It is a task, which is not always so simple to solve. Thanks to an influence of western culture and western manner to make business, corporate events became popular in CIS countries; an understanding of their need has appeared. A corporate event is an excellent reason for a management of company and its workers to express mutual gratitude. Also it is possible to hold a corporate and for business partners, clients.

Organization of corporate holidays for your business

The qualitative organization of corporate holidays positively influences on the efficiency of a company. If your purpose is to make a corporate event to become a bright action, not just an opportunity to eat well, than an organizer of a holiday is needed; he will realize your ideas. The festive agency ARENA CS will organize a corporate holiday with sense, whether it is a business event, forum, presentation, conference, offside event, round table or special event.

организация корпоративных праздников

 Organization of corporate holidays: in whom to trust in ukrainian market?

The ARENA CS corporate event agency realized more than 1700 projects in 2017. Every year the festive agency ARENA CS increases its turnover and realizes more and more projects, beginning from 500 events in 2010 and till 1751 in 2016. This indicator is not a limit; the ARENA CS Event Company is in constant movement, taking a leading position among the similar agencies in the capital, regularly entering innovations into its work, developing knowledge and skill of its own team.

The arena cs company is a member in the following international organizations:

  • MPI,
  • UNWTO, World Tourism Organization,
  • European Business Association,
  • ACTE GLOBAL and Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

Experience and professional sharpness of the ARENA CS team

Staff of the festive agency ARENA CS is obliged to go on courses and trainings, which increases their skills and professionalism, twice a year.  More than 55 employees are fluent in English and other foreign languages. Existence of not less than 3-year experiences of company’s managers in an event industry positively affects work efficiency.

организация корпоративных праздников

Organization of corporate holidays for clients of ARENA CS

At this moment, 83% of ARENA CS company’s clients cooperate with us for more than 4 years. In its work the festive agency ARENA is guided by principles, which are aimed at a productive solution of many questions in client’s business. Corporate holiday is a powerful argument in stimulation of employees’ efficiency and formation of a company corporate ethics, training of personnel, new partners’ involvement, advance and sales of own products, for an exit to a new level of a market, for new projects’ implementation, for underlining of company’s achievements etc. Learn more about benefits of work with ARENA CS at Yulia Gulevich.

Yulia Gulevich, marketing director of the ARENA CS Event Company.

организация корпоративных праздников

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