Organization of holidays in Kiev is difficult and consists of several stages, work. The result of each event depends on a competent approach and careful planning. A well-written script will ensure a successful event. Eventagency ARENA CS has many years of experience in the event industry. Organization of events Kiev main activity. On account of 7 thousand. Completed projects. 90% of clients highly appreciated the company’s services.

Customer feedback: “Events with ARENA CS are emotions that cannot be expressed in words!”

In many ways, this is the merit of all employees of the event agency Kiev ARENA CS, because each of our event organizers, the presenter realizes the importance of making the event as successful as possible, so that the participants are extremely satisfied and happy, and they would be proud to talk about this event in the future.

ARENA CS represents the best event agencies in Kiev and Ukraine. Based on our experience, knowledge and best practices, we have compiled tips on how to write a script for a holiday correctly.

Event agency receives a brief from the client and determines the following:

  • Why is the event taking place? The task of the holiday.
  • What are the goals to achieve? The most important question, because only 100% implementation of the initially precisely defined goals can make an event successful.
  • Who is the target audience, their interests and values?
  • Date of the event?
  • Where will the event take place?

This stage of work is extremely important. here one cannot be mistaken or not modified. All responses will be used by eventagency to further build the event. Having received all the answers, it is time to write a script.

It is in this algorithm that the best event agencies in Kiev operate.