Artem Muzychenko is one of the brightest employees of the ARENA CS event agency and also a project manager. He is unusually creative, has excellent taste, always keeps pace with the times and is attentive to solving any problem. Together with the event agency ARENA CS, Artem has been creating unique events for 8 years already. We talked with him about how his career in event management began, how the preparation for large-scale events takes place, and the importance of relationships with customers. And how to make them come back again and again.

– Artem, what is your role in the ARENA CS event-agency?

I am a project manager at ARENA CS. The most basic and most significant part of my job is to make sure that we provide a truly original and high-quality service, and that our customers and their guests are satisfied!

– Tell us about your first event

The first event fell on a business trip to Odessa. It took place in the regional administration. I arrived early in the morning, changed in the McDonalds toilet, bought water, went to the location … and realized that I forgot to buy glasses. I had to run very quickly after them. Everything was fast and chaotic, but the event was successful. The second event turned out to be even more “interesting” – a business trip to Ivano-Frankivsk with a customer. Accompanying the group, nothing complicated, but at the end we are invited to a “lunch” at the administration of the deputy mayor. Cognac is poured into us and they say: “Come on” Taking into account the instructions of my colleagues, about “we don’t drink with customers”, I fall into a “stupor”. I look at my glass, at the customer Tatiana, in front of whom there is also a vessel with an alcoholic drink. I begin to make an excuse that I shouldn’t, and so on, but the deputy mayor says: “Well, how’s it going, don’t mess with the administration !?” (I speak almost literally). Then Tatiana throws me a “life buoy” with the words: “Well, if you need it, then you need it. Drink, that’s okay. ” The risk turned out to be justified – nothing terrible happened later. The debt is fulfilled – the customer is satisfied.