ARENA CS has been operating in the event services market for over 14 years. The main specialization is a professional event organization. More than 50% of the events are business events: forums, conferences, press tours, briefings, and workshops. Experience allows us to share some of the nuances of the organization.

A classic example of a hospitality event is the 12 Kyiv Security Forum, which took place on April 11-12 in Kyiv. The event was organized by a team of ARENA CS specialists.

Hospitality event: what does it stand for?

A protocol is a form of demonstration of good manners and mutual respect between the parties. The Kyiv Security Forum brought together representatives of the establishment, science, the media, and other industries from Ukraine, the USA, and Europe. Compliance with the protocol has become a mandatory norm in organizing events.

The protocol at the Kyiv Security Forum, which was attended by the President of Ukraine, deputies of various states, experts, ensured unhindered interaction taking into account the interests of all speakers and guests.

The goal of hospitality events

организация протокольного мероприятия

ARENA CS organize hospitality events whose goals are:

  1. Providing representative functions.
  2. The solution to global issues, negotiations at the highest level.
  3. Compliance with solemn occasions.

A classic example of a hospitality event is a reception. At the reception, you need to create a comfortable atmosphere for mutual exchange of opinions, the achievement of preliminary agreements, and resolution of issues. Receptions can be different (as well as reasons for their organization). But all of them are based on general principles, formed over the centuries.

The subtleties of the organization

The Kyiv Security Forum (KSF) was prepared in compliance with the protocol requirements for hosting VIP guests. Observance of “trifles”, occupied 90% of the preparatory work, but their importance is unprecedented at such events.

Five secrets of organizing a hospitality event from ARENA CS using the Kyiv Security Forum as an example:

  1. Security. KSF guests were representatives of the national and global establishment. Security requirements often contradict the moving of guests and functioning of the equipment: each issue was a compromise settlement. During the installing procedures at the locations, it was taken into account that the equipment, constructions, and premises will be subject to checks by the security services 3-4 hours before the start.
  2. The participation of TOP guests implies early contacts. They are very busy and in-demand people whose schedules are fully booked. Therefore, invitations were sent 6-12 months in advance, and only after receiving a response they initiated negotiations with the guest’ protocol service regarding format, the possibility of the announcement in the program, etc.
  3. The media. Kyiv Security Forum is a traditional event with a well-known status and VIP guests. A dedicated team was appointed for the accreditation of media representatives, and there were created proper conditions to connect the equipment. All journalists received the necessary package of press materials.
  4. When drawing up a program of speeches and discussions, the organizers objectively estimated the time consumption, sought compliance with the regulations. Thanks to this, the speakers took the floor at exactly the appointed time.
  5. Cultural specificities. For the event of such a level, ARENA CS has provided spacious locations in which there was enough space for guests, equipment, staff, and media. Multinational participation required to take into account the traditions, norms and religious beliefs of the guests when developing the format, decorations, and menus for this type of event. This was also taken into consideration when seating the guests. Speakers and moderators received recommendations on behavior and gestures.

Organization of a hospitality event: there are no trifles here.

 организация протокольного мероприятия

The success of the event, the destiny of international relationships and agreements, and the status of the country depend exactly on the observance of subtleties. The organizer’s key mission is to create favorable conditions so that the event can keep to the course set, and all processes run accurately and on time. At the same time, the work of the event team should not be noticeable: it is important to maintain a natural atmosphere, which prooves the impeccable organization.