A script is a detailed, step-by-step description of each micro-event, of which, like a carpet of threads, the event is composed. Organizing and holding events without a carefully written script will turn into chaos, from which only sadness will remain in the memory of the participants: “Yes, I was yesterday. Nonsense, I don’t remember anything. ”

Organization of celebrations: what should be written in the script?

Organization of business events, corporate events or celebrations? An extraordinary scenario is needed for every event, regardless of its goals, the number of people and the theme. We prescribe a clear, minute-by-minute sequence of events: what follows what, where our employees and guests are at every moment of time, when the master of ceremonies takes the floor, when managers, etc. The best holiday agencies know that the power of the event depends on the scenario.

And here are the questions, the answers to which will show what the holiday was like:

  • Was there intrigue at the beginning of the event?
  • Was the middle filled with non-trivial and unexpected turns?
  • Did the finals give a sense of fullness and completeness to all participants?
  • Has the goal of the event been achieved?

Organization of celebrations: restrictions when writing a script