An exhibition is an important tool for doing business, which, with a competent organization, bears fruit for more than one month after its holding.

Organization of exhibitions at ARENA CS

For effective work on the organization of each event in ARENA CS, a personal event manager is appointed, which is available to the client 24/7. At the first meeting, he receives a technical assignment from a client, defines general and specific goals and objectives of the event. There is a constant dialogue to clarify all the details, many questions are asked in order to understand and satisfy the customer’s needs as much as possible. At each stage, the client can make adjustments and changes even at the final stage, but no later than three days before the exhibition. Qualified ARENA CS event managers are able to quickly respond to customer requests and changes, but still for a high-quality and well-thought-out organization, reasonable lines of 1-3 months are needed, depending on the scale of the event.

Organization of exhibitions: the main stages of ARENA CS work

  • the first stage is the signing of contracts between the customer and ARENA CS, budget approval;
  • the next stage is the choice of location, contractors, service personnel and prepayment for them, booking a venue;
  • the third stage – holding the exhibition, summing up the results, drawing up the final budget and the act of completed works;
  • the final stage – based on the final budget, mutual settlements take place between the customer and the contractor.

You will be proud of your event with ARENA CS!