Original corporate: brainstorming during concept developmentEvery event manager has had a vision development process. There are a few rules to help steer your brainstorming session on track:

  • Free creation and objective assessment of all proposed ideas.
  • Conducting an informal brainstorming session to generate ideas and suggestions. Professionals know that it is almost impossible to come up with an original corporate event in the boss’s office.
  • All participants in the brainstorming session should know the details before starting the discussion so as not to waste time.
  • It is necessary to ensure a permanent record of the proposed ideas. This role can be played by a person who is not directly involved in the brainstorming session. Such a rule will help not to lose sight of a cool idea and create an original corporate party.
  • A favorable atmosphere, the creation of which is most often the task of the leader of the storm.

How much does an original corporate party cost? The cost of a corporate party directly depends on the number of guests, the chosen location, decorations, and other details. Event agency: what is it? This is a company that can create a cool original corporate party even for a rather limited budget of a customer.

You will be proud of the event you had with ARENA CS! We are confident that we will be able to bring your ideas to life in such a way that both you and the guests of the corporate party are satisfied!