We are monitoring the plan to exit quarantine for the next month and are trying to find in it at least something about mass events. According to the plan, from June 1, rail and road internal transportation, the work of fitness centers, study in groups of up to 10 people in educational institutions are allowed. Again, nothing about events.

We go further and seem to find the coveted date in the plan: June 10th. The work of restaurants, the activities of cultural institutions and (hurray!) Are allowed to hold events with a restriction of no more than 1 person per 5 sq.m. on the area of ​​the institution where the event is held.

Instead of a conclusion

Finally, cultural workers understand when they can slowly prepare for work. Apparently, the action “Stop cultural quarantine” still gave its results. Of course, there is no 100% chance that events will be allowed from June 10. After all, adaptive quarantine means that decisions are reviewed every 7 days, and quarantine restrictions may, on the contrary, be intensified if foci of the disease are identified. In addition to this, it is not yet a fact that all areas will be able to move to this stage of weakening, because everything depends on statistics and compliance with the criteria of the Ministry of Health.

There is a little more clarity, but there is still no complete certainty. Event organizers can only hope for positive statistical dynamics and think about how to take into account all the restrictions and requirements for future events.