The pandemic is a sharp turn in the development of humanity. Each global epidemic greatly changed the world and the further course of history. Obviously, many generations have needed such a painful kick, which may lead people astray. Where is COVID-19 taking us? What will the business environment be like shortly? Who will have to leave the game? What are they, professions that will disappear?

Trends of a covid civilization

Recently, it has become a frantic race for technological innovation. The pace of production and its massiveness for many business players have become more priorities than quality and real uniqueness. As usual, the giant companies set themselves such a speed, but even small local firms did not want to keep up with the rhythm. Of course, the entire working population had to live at such a pace. Many have been forced to push their personal lives into the background and take chronic stress for granted.

We believed that robots would replace human resources, and people would only become operators of technology. It is funny to read articles from 10 years ago, where they predict the complete lack of demand for doctors and pharmacists in 2020!

The pandemic has forced humanity to stop and rethink its values. At the same time, the approach to work has changed.

Now Western companies are talking about the need to introduce flexible schedules. Also, the working week may become one day shorter. As studies conducted years earlier and recent forced practice have shown, an increase in the number of days off increases labor efficiency. It allows you to reduce company costs without saving on wages (!).

In 2019, Microsoft Japan had launched a 4-day workweek. Friday has become an extra day off. At the same time, the new schedule did not affect the salaries of employees and the duration of vacations.

In this mode, the office functioned for 1 month. The results of the experiment were not entirely expected. Instead of incurring losses and destabilizing staff productivity, the company’s management was backfired.

Конференц зал

Many office venues appeared to stay empty in 2020

Office employees began to appear more often at work. During the experiment, no one went on sick leave. The number of time off at their own expense decreased by 25.4%. Paper consumption decreased by 58.7%. Electricity consumption decreased by 23.1%. At the same time, labor efficiency increased by 39.9%. Why did people start to work better?

On the one hand, the reduction in the working week did not imply a decrease in professional tasks. Therefore, the staff tried to use their time more efficiently. The Microsoft subsidiary had to abandon lengthy offline meetings. All negotiations took place in a compressed virtual format. As it turned out, waiting for specialists who are late for meetings takes a lot of work time.

In addition, extended weekends are a resource for balance in life. Time spent in personal life has helped to reduce the risks of professional burnout.

So reducing stress levels increases the ability to work. This conclusion is logical and obvious, but why didn’t we come to it earlier?

Microsoft plans to continue its experiment but in a slightly different format. As part of the 4-day work week, the day off will be made on Wednesday.

Flexibility is also a good way to reduce stress at work. The introduction of such an order is now increasingly discussed in Germany.

The pandemic trend of working remotely will also become sustainable. This is facilitated not only by virtual technologies.

Remote work enables people to equip a comfortable work environment independently. At the same time, working from home allows you to successfully and timely solve both professional tasks and personal problems.

Businesses can save a significant portion of the cost of renting and maintaining large office space. In addition, a remote employee can work from anywhere in the world. Thus, the company receives the most qualified specialist, not limited to the region. Also, women and people with disabilities, who find it more difficult to leave their residence, can be more involved in cooperation. This increases the number of talented job seekers.

Those who like to work remotely, but work hard in this format at home, can use co-working spaces.

Командообразование на природе

A team is a group of people united by the same values.

According to analysts, the economic impact of the global epidemic will surpass the 2008-2009 crisis. In this regard, remote work and a reduction in the working week will be an excellent opportunity to save office maintenance. So far, many Western companies do not plan to cancel the remote work soon. Obviously, Ukrainian entrepreneurs need to take note of these trends. But it is equally important to remember that a good employee is motivated by salary, corporate culture, and a sense of belonging to something big and important. The employees involved are significantly more efficient. Here, a variety of tools and methods of socialization and the formation of community within the audience working for the one goal should help.

It is worth noting that the pandemic made another big discovery for us. As it turned out, we cannot do without social connections. Therefore, a world where robots have replaced humans is unnatural for us. Whatever the artificial intelligence, both humans and businesses need emotional intelligence. Therefore, many predictions about the extinction of professions are too fantastic.

I want to refrain from analytics based on the crazy pace of development of robots and mobile applications. What are the realities and figures talking about? What professions have already begun to wither away and will soon disappear irreversibly?

An unexpected end: who will be out of work?

Technological progress always turns into the disappearance of some professions. Now about 30% of the work that humans previously performed is done by robotic technology. Experts predict that by 2025, machines will take 48% of our work away. According to analysts, 57 specialties will disappear in the next 10 years. But it is not all that bad. Researchers believe that 186 professions will appear during the specified period.

It is worth noting that many are now considered prestigious and in demand in Ukraine among the dying out specialties. Consider below 10 directions approaching extinction, as well as the reasons for their death.


Today, journalism can change the world. A striking example is a journalistic investigation presented by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The material about the castle of President V. Putin caused a wave of protests throughout Russia that could lead to a revolution.

Such journalism will be in demand for a very long time. But news editors/news journalists will have to leave the profession. Artificial intelligence is already doing this work.

In particular, Bloomberg is actively using this technology. Artificial intelligence releases news much faster.

Shortly, only those journalists who can provide unique author’s material will be able to get jobs.

Travel agent

Online travel services are gradually destroying this profession. Back in 2013, Tradedoubler surveyed research business trends. As it turned out, 62% of respondents plan their trip and purchase tickets using specialized sites and applications. The number of users of such services continues to grow.

Legal advisor

Artificial intelligence has already learned how to serve bank customers and help them solve some problems. A similar system can replace ordinary legal advisers. Artificial intelligence will definitely not confuse articles of laws in which even the devil himself can break his leg.

Call center operators

The same fate awaits them as that of legal advisers. Artificial intelligence can easily give answers to typical questions, which is already successfully copes with.


People no longer have to bend their backs under the hot sun in the field. Those who have ever traveled to the EU for such work know firsthand about the hard labor of this work. In the USA, manual labor in the fields is being used less and less. The new trend is gradually spreading throughout Europe. Its appearance in Ukraine can also eliminate labor “slavery,” which is not neglected by some entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector.

In the United States, the number of farmers involved in the agro-industry continues to decline. Now automated systems provide a comfortable environment for product growth. The sowing of fields is carried out using drones.

People working in such enterprises are less and less likely to get their hands dirty in the ground. Instead, they run technology from comfortable offices.

Of course, farmers will not disappear completely. Small private farms continue to be in high demand. Many American and European customers want ripe produce straight from the garden. Such pleasure can cost many times more than vegetables and fruits in supermarkets.

Thus, products made entirely by man gradually become a valuable thing and a sign of luxury.


The first self-service checkout appeared back in 1992. The innovation was presented at the New York supermarket chain Price Chopper. In Ukraine, interest in this technology appeared only in 2013. Recently, self-checkout counters are becoming more and more popular.

With their help, it is possible to minimize queues and save sales space and payroll for cashiers.

Due to the abandonment of cashiers, some stores increase the staff of sales assistants, which positively affects sales.

Some small shops may still leave cashiers as a kind of “luxury.” Undoubtedly, people’s craving for social contacts will not allow cashiers to disappear completely from the face of the earth.

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Only the best of the best will stay in demand in all industries


It may seem strange, but system administrators and programmers are losing their relevance. In recent years, the IT-sphere has begun to shrink little by little. People who have to set up a computer park and control its functionality are no longer in demand. Automated systems are replacing them.

The ability to write code has also ceased to be a key skill for the IT industry.

Now the above duties can be performed by a workflow automation specialist.


Statistics and accounting specialists will be a thing of the past. Practical programs are replacing them.

Business Assistant

The assistant manager is already working in a virtual format. He is able not only to keep business records and remind of important matters but also to answer calls. Obviously, this technology will continue to evolve. At the same time, the relevance of live business assistants will decline.

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Happy modern people are not afraid to change profession and learn

What to do in the new world?

The main requests of our time are:

  • Creativity;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Ability to communicate and manage people effectively.

In the near future, digital literacy will be a must.

Gradually, service work will shift to technology. This is a correct trend. A person with his intellectual potential should develop himself and transform the world and not remain in the cluster of someone’s servant.

Given the pace of technological development, existing professions will transform and die out much faster than ever. Therefore, the constant improvement of their skills and even a complete change of profession may become part of the order of things for the near future. Against this background, the classical education system will finally lose its practicality. 6 years for mastering a specialty is too long for an intensively developing world. It seems that the universities we are accustomed to will have to switch to a system of specialized courses.

Actually, be inventive, flexible, creative, and adventurous. Don’t stop learning and critically evaluating the work you’ve done. The new post-pandemic world is a world for the young. To find your place in it, you will have to update yourself and your own mentality constantly.

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And finally, good news – the profession of a creative event manager and creative producer of online and hybrid events will not disappear in the next 20 years. Those who can solve creatively, outside the box, the client’s problem, develop an effective format for attracting an audience, disseminating information, and engaging an audience, will be in demand and rewarded. The profile course “Profession of event manager for 50 hours” from Great Event School gives you an excellent chance to learn the basics of the profession and try on the “armor of a producer” 4 times a year. Maybe this information is eating your “magic kick” to change your life?