Carrying out a corporate New Year is an important event for any company, therefore it is so important that all details were observed, problems are fixed, and an event is organized at the highest level. The New Year’s program for a corporate event is not ready? A host (New Year) refused at the last moment? A scenario on a corporate New Year sharply changed without coordination with a customer? It does not happen with us!

Проведение корпоративного нового года

Carrying out a corporate new year: cooperation mechanisms

Cooperation of a company customer with ARENA CS is organized in three stages, each of which is directed to achievement of definite purposes. Let’s consider in more detail:

  1. Organization of an event. This stage begins from obtaining the application from future client for carrying out a holiday also comes to an end with arrival of the first participant. Carrying out a corporate New Year is impossible without planning, attention to trifles, coordination of details.
  2. At this stage a host of a New Year’s corporate event is selected, a program of a corporate event for New Year is formed, writes a scenario for a New Year corporate event. Holding a corporate New Year, which is carried out under constant control from an event manager, who is responsible for a holiday’s organization?
  3. Preparation and providing reports. All expenses are displayed in a budget and go to a client for 3 days.

Carrying out a corporate new year: 10 precepts OF ARENA CS

  • We keep promises from the first time!
  • We are not content good, and we aspire to faultless!
  • We are firmly sure that there are no trifles, each detail is important!
  • We are professionals.
  • We interact only with professionals!
  • We are for fair play.
  • We respect competitors!
  • We do everything in time.
  • Punctuality is a basis of a first-class service.
  • We propose modern solutions and we follow trends!
  • We constantly study new and we adopt the best experience!
  • We care for ecology and we love the Planet!
  • We work with pleasure and we respect colleagues and clients!

Carrying out a corporate new year: convenience and new technologies

Проведение корпоративного нового года

Carrying out a corporate New Year will not be usual and ordinary with the flying microphones and the Enersell platform! Having watched video of New Year’s corporate events on the Internet, you will not see it! Enersell developers offer the platform for rent. What will it give to a client?

  1. Guests will have an opportunity to charge their phones on an event (1 platform can load 100 gadgets a day).
  2. Possibility of design’s customization – it will draw attention to a sold brand of a company customer.
  3. Access to phone by means of an individual PIN code.

Are you ready to an unforgettable adventure with the ARENA CS Company? We wait for you!