To begin with, a few words about who we are and why we know everything about the services of organizing holidays. We, the ARENA CS holiday agency. The company was founded 14 years ago.

Therefore, if you need a holiday organizer, consider contacting us. In our work, we practice a special methodology and below we will share the secrets of developing a concept for festive events.

What is a concept, how is it developed for a service for organizing holidays

Providing services for organizing events begins precisely with the development of the concept. The concept is the embodiment of the main idea of ​​the holiday, this is the foundation on which the entire event will be built. A concept is a creative solution based on creativity, certain rules and approaches. The development takes into account the tasks and goals, customer requirements, the result of studying the target audience: values ​​and interests.

To develop a concept, it is important first of all to create the key message of the event. Basic requirements for the message:

– consist of several words;

– the meaning should be simple and clear to everyone;

– carry marketing overtones;

– to embody the essence of the holiday.

Absolutely all events, at the beginning of organizational work, involve the development of a concept and organization of celebrations, and banquets, and large-scale business events.

The successful provision of a party organization service depends on adherence to the concept