One of the most important goals of international business associations is to expand the business ties of businessmen, promptly provide them with professional information about potential business partners, help in the implementation of business projects, goods, services and much more. Each member of the association gets unlimited opportunities for business communication and exchange of information with their colleagues around the world.

And within the framework of the newly formed partnership, ARENA CS specialists are ready to provide certain types of services to members of the OpenDoorUkraine.NL community. This includes various consultations on infrastructure, locations and cities for planning events, accents in the perception of various messages by the Ukrainian audience based on the cultural and social characteristics of society, and much more pro bono.

International connections

The Business Association also acts as a coordinating and guiding force that takes over contacts with government agencies, which monitors the stability and safety of the business, and also forms its image in the eyes of society. And if national associations lobby professional business before the government, then international business associations deepen cooperation between countries and help to enter new markets.

International business associations and partnerships with them are a great opportunity to build strong business ties between countries, implement amazing ideas and help each other develop, despite the quarantine and crisis.