Quantity of persons, who are interested in ordering a corporate event in Ukraine and abroad, become more and more today. And it is not surprising, because qualitatively organized cheerful corporate event is an important instrument of internal firm’s development.

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Joint rest with colleagues and heads increases motivation, strengthens working relations, forcing on feeling of own importance in firm. Where is to celebrate a corporate event? It can be hold not only at restaurant, but also outdoors. Holding presentations and corporate events, which are capable to cause exclusively positive emotions in all participants and, also, corresponding to all wishes and needs of client – here is the main goal of any event company. Event agency ARENA CS adheres to the highest standards in organization of various events.

What is necessary to order a corporate event?

Event agency – what is it? First of all, it is a professional event’s organizer (it can be, both entertaining, and a business event). To order a corporate event, client addresses to such company and tells about all his wishes. Someone wants a large-scale show, and someone – a quiet thematic office party; someone wishes to hold an official dinner, and someone – a fashionable party in relaxed atmosphere. After that, creative producers generate ideas and think over a scenario.

Organization of parties (Kiev) by the event ARENA CS Company every time turns into a real adventure, after a statement of an idea, all the most interesting begins – selection of place, equipment, decorative elements, hosts. There were held 1750 events for more than 70 thousand participants only in 2017.

заказать корпоратив

Why it is worth ordering a corporate event in the ARENA CS company?

  1. The main advantage in work of ARENA CS is a quality. In our company various risks are always miscalculated, all technical nuances are checked and true professionals of this business work here.
  2. All customers of the agency receive permanently high service. It will be more than pleasant to order a corporate event here.
  3. Creative approach is carried out to all orders, without templates and banalities.
  4. Huge base of actors gives a chance to diversify any event, which organizes ARENA CS – a professional agency of holidays. Kiev, in this case, has a powerful advantage: here works a lot of beginning and skilled popular actors. Therefore, if client needs a professional animator or a host for a holiday (Kiev), the company easy selects him.


What is an event manager?

In the ARENA CS Company an event manager is an irreplaceable employee, who works on organization of different events. Thanks to work of an event manager, a client is guarantee exempted from all companion cares. He needs only to pronounce his wishes and then to enjoy an event together with other guests.

What projects does the organizer of ARENA CS undertake? Physical and legal entities address here, if they need to order a corporate event, to organize a solemn event, to hold a round table, a presentation, a press tour, training, a conference and a set of other events.

заказать корпоратив

An event agency arena cs knows how to organize a corporative event

Having decided to order a corporate event in the professional event agency ARENA CS, a customer receives:

  • development of a concept and scenario of holding event;
  • selection of an ideal place;
  • involvement of hosts, actors, representatives of show business, within client’s budget and desires;
  • full technical maintenance;
  • decorating and design of a location;
  • design and production of scenery, gifts, polygraphists;
  • video and photographing;
  • catering services, accommodation of event’s participants in different formats;
  • introduction of the best shows and technologies in his event.

Organization of any event demands great efforts, including time expenditures. In this case – only several meetings and phone calls – and client receives result on which he counted. With the event agency ARENA CS organization and holding parties and any other events will leave in customer’s memory only the lightest memories.

Author: Yulia Gulevich