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The global pandemic has made adjustments to the work processes of many companies around the world. Meetings were replaced by online conferences, and seminars were replaced by webinars. Personal contacts are minimized, and employees try to contact exclusively through the World Wide Web. This applies to corporate events and leisure. In 2021, even corporate events are being held online. It turns out that organizing such an event is not easy. It would help if you kept the audience’s attention on the screens. Therefore, in the article below, we will tell you about the best options for holding a corporate network party.

Let’s find out about an online corporate event

This is the same event as any other meeting on the Internet. The only difference is that it goes about entertaining in most cases. There are no reports and dress codes at such events, just an informal (and comfortable) atmosphere. An online corporate event can have two goals:

  • entertaining, with contests, games, and communication;
  • uniting, a kind of team building in a remote format.

At the same time, essential nuances must be taken into account when preparing corporate entertainment. Moreover, they are the same for both offline and online meetings.

What you need to consider when making a corporate event online

Given the focus of the event, the organizer must take care of:

  • involvement of all participants in the process;
  • the excitement of the event for those present;
  • lack of tension in communication;
  • availability and accessibility for the interactive elements present;
  • moderators who help to host the event and monitor the technical condition of the broadcast.

You also need to choose a suitable platform for organizing the event. It should be not only accessible but also functional enough for a corporate party with a complex structure.

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Online corporate party ideas

The specifics of the event involve the preparation of a script or at least an approximate plan for the event. The main thing is to keep the audience’s attention, apply it in the process, and leave a positive impression. This is not an easy task. Therefore, we have collected the top options for holding a corporate event online, relying on our experience and successfully closed cases.

Music party

Classical party with live music or DJ set. Usually, the company takes care of all the organizational issues:

  • delivery of the costumes if there is a costume party;
  • DJ invitation;
  • providing the technical equipment to play music;
  • compensation to participants for drinks and snacks.

The only difference with an actual meeting is that the participants are on opposite sides of the monitor. But this approach may be even more preferable – a comfortable and familiar environment will help you relax. Such an online corporate event is very popular for the New Year, the company’s birthday, and other significant events covering all team members.

Apartment party

You may try the live music and covers of famous songs. A musical group is usually a part of the guests or a person who knows how to play the guitar. But the option of inviting popular performers is also relevant.

Such a corporate event takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere than a party. And it requires fewer organization costs. But one cannot say that it is worse – just a different format. I must say that such an event is more emotional than a party or a traditional concert in a large hall. A chamber performance, a limited number of participants, well-known and beloved musical hits, and the general tenderness of what is happening to leave unforgettable impressions and pleasant emotions. It is also important that family members of employees and even applicants can visit the apartment party for a place in the company.


While facing pandemics, many popular music groups are going with concerts online. To buy tickets for it for employees is the easiest option for a joint event. The company does not have to deal with technical issues, and it is only necessary to provide access to the participants to the broadcast. Most likely, the musical tastes of the team members do not coincide, but you can choose neutral performers or a classical concert. A joint visit to a cultural event brings the team closer together.


The format is suitable for regular classes and as a separate event. For example, you can organize courses:

  • fitness;
  • yoga;
  • jogging;
  • gymnastics;
  • gym exercises.

Classes several times a week or every day are not tricky. And as a team building, you can hold competitions within the team. For example, squats, push-ups, or planks. Or even a whole set of exercises.


Tasks for logic, thinking or knowledge of history (geography and anything in general). Themed quests can also be conducted, for example, Murder Mystery, where you need to connect detective skills, fantasy, and associative skills to unravel the tangle of intrigues, determine the antagonist, or complete another task. Even set board games such as Dungeons & Dragons can be considered quests. In any case, such events will force the participants to puzzle over solving problems and puzzles and put a lot of effort into completing the quest.

It is the most popular format of games for online corporate events, it combines the functionality of several events at once:

  • develops the knowledge of the participants;
  • allows employees to get to know each other better;
  • brings great fun.

Organizing such an event is simple from a technical point of view. But write the script and preparing props will take some effort.


This is a quest format, but more complex. It is a new kind of online quiz. In the classic version, they look like multiple-choice tests. Quiz is the most interactive and versatile element of the event that can be used for:

  • entertainment;
  • training;
  • fixing information;
  • team building;
  • interaction of the audience with the organizers. Options for response options ensure audience engagement and discussion within groups of participants. In addition, it evens out the players’ chances for winning.

Participants gain points for correct answers; tasks are displayed on the screens of those present at the online event. People respond solo or in teams. They are very excited, they involve the entire audience, but they require the organizers to:

  • corporate party planning;
  • connecting moderators;
  • engaging technical specialists.

They are quite difficult to implement. But they give excellent feedback in the form of user communication, teamwork, positive emotions and even exchange of experience.

Master Class

A type of training seminar in which users are directly involved. They do not just listen to the lecturer but carry out his assignments. Nowadays, we call it a webinar in which:

  • two way video and audio communication;
  • participants work with props, the availability of which is provided by the organizers of the event, or it is purchased independently;
  • as a result, everyone gets some kind of hand-made product;

In this format, the company provides employees with funds and requisites for holding an event. The most popular masterclasses: cooking, painting, sculpture. They are aimed at general development and obtaining positive emotions. However, specialized events for departments or divisions are also possible—for example, new coding techniques for IT professionals.

Virtual reality

Perhaps the most expensive type of corporate party. But also the most memorable. Participants get into virtual reality with the help of additional equipment – VR glasses and manipulators. Conducted in two formats:

  • Gaming. Users find themselves in the game world where they can move, jump and interact with each other. Game tasks accompany the process.
  • Sightseeing. Participants go to real-life places. For example, museums, exhibitions, galleries. This format allows you to visit new places and get information.

The company at these events must provide a technical opportunity to participate, i.e., it provides equipment. You will also need technical specialists to monitor system performance, stable connection, and moderation of user actions.

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An engaged audience is the key point to reach an outstanding result

Advantages and disadvantages of online corporate events

Events on the Internet open up space for new formats and allow you to realize previously impossible ideas. Therefore, the emergence of such a format is an undoubted plus for business. The thing is:

  • The team. For large companies with branches in different cities and countries, this is the only opportunity to gather all employees at one event. At the same time, there is no need to interrupt colleagues from work due to long business trips.
  • Price. Offline events are more expensive since there are expenses for the rental of premises, transfer, accommodation, meals, and entertainment for the participants. Internet meetings do not need this, so they are much cheaper.
  • Security. This refers to the quarantine situation. It is impossible to get infected during online communication.

It is also important that at such a corporate party you can gather all employees. It does not matter if there are ten people in the company or 2000 – the main thing is to choose the right format and platform for the event.

There is only one obvious minus-technical difficulty. To organize an event, you need specialists, technology, and experience. Not to mention the ideas of online corporate events to keep everyone interested. Some are difficult to implement. And everyone who tried to make even a regular video chat in the messenger faced broadcast failures and disconnected connections. It is not advisable to allow this at a corporate party, but you need to fix it quickly. Especially if hundreds or thousands of people are involved. When the employees of the company themselves handle the organization, problems occur quite often.

How to properly conduct an online corporate

The best option is to entrust the event to our team. We have already held more than 500 online events of various kinds and offer:

  • complex organization of a corporate party for any number of participants;
  • selection of the optimal size and format for the event;
  • generating ideas for online corporate events, including the New Year and other holidays;
  • implementation of all the wishes of the customer in terms of the event;
  • technical support of events of any complexity, including moderation of communication and actions of participants;
  • professionals in organizing and conducting Internet meetings as presenters;
  • selection and provision of agreements with speakers, lecturers, musicians.

We organize corporate events online at a professional level, so we guarantee the perfect holding of the event.