How to organize online broadcasts

Have you got both offline and online events at the same time? Popular, modern, yet challenging for one person to manage. Therefore, we have a whole team of professionals working on this. And each event organized by us is the highest quality content!

What is online streaming

Broadcasting is a hybrid format that combines two events at once:

  • offline meeting;
  • online event.

The bottom line is this: an event is organized with a real meeting of participants, and what happens there is uploaded to the Internet in real time. The closest analog is live television. It’s called a stream on the world wide web and among bloggers.

Organizing an online broadcast is a complex process. It requires special equipment, experienced specialists, and taking into account many nuances. Therefore, it is almost impossible to conduct a high-quality broadcast on your own.

Online broadcast is one of the best options for holding events: speakers presenting material in real-time plus a virtual audience with maximum coverage

Why do you need an online broadcast

This format allows:

  •       expand the audience of any event, from a webinar to a forum, by adding network users to the invited participants;
  •       save on organizing an offline event, for example, by reducing rented premises, since some of the visitors will be online;
  •       gather representatives from different regions and countries in one place, for example, employees from the HR department to conduct training courses;
  •       reduce the risk of coronavirus disease by reducing the number of real meetings and increasing social distance;
  •       invite those who cannot physically come to the event by providing a broadcast on the Internet.

The organization of an online broadcast of an event used a popular format even before the quarantine restrictions. But now its demand has increased significantly due to the inability to collect many people in one place. Despite the periodic easing of limitations, the popularity of hybrid events has not diminished. Perhaps this is the best option for holding events: speakers presenting material in real-time, and a virtual audience with maximum coverage.

What events can be streamed online

Almost any event can be digitized. The most popular option is organizing webinars with several speakers. Even in several halls between which the audience can switch. At the same time, it is possible to chat and use interactive elements. This is a training session led by lecturers for a virtual audience. But streaming opportunities aren’t limited to webinars. We use streams on:

  •       sports competitions with commentary by the host and filming from different angles;
  •       corporate reports, meetings with the opportunity to listen to all participants;
  •       press conferences to communicate with the press or companies interested in partnership;
  •       cultural and public events of any nature and orientation;
  •       parties and celebrations for those who cannot participate in person, for example, employees of remote branches of the company.

Even for a children’s birthday, organizing live broadcasts is not surprising or innovative. If the event is bright and not all relatives can attend, but you want to share the holiday (or save every moment of it), the stream will be the best option.

Broadcast organization: what you need to consider

The hybrid event is not only the most popular but also the most difficult to implement. The fact is that you need to pay attention to the functioning of the broadcast (for example, the quality of the picture and sound, chat messages, interactive elements), and do not forget about what is happening offline. For the stream to be successful and leave a positive impression, we expect from the organizer to:

Prepare a place for speakers and guests. This aspect includes rental of premises, furniture, microphones, transfers, and meals.

Think over a program for guests and participants. If online viewers are just watching, then most of the activity takes place in the real world. But if they take part, then they should also be interested.

Provide audience access to the stream. This refers to the choice of a resource. For example, organizing an online YouTube broadcast is suitable for a large number of viewers, and it’s accessible to everyone. For corporate events, this option is unacceptable, so you need other (closed) platforms are needed.

Pick up, arrange and set up equipment. Cameras and microphones should cover the most important locations and give a clear picture. Data from them must be reduced to one source (computer) and transmitted to the network.

Control the broadcast. Organizing the process is only half the battle. Making sure the stream doesn’t get interrupted, or freeze is also an important part of the job.

To conduct a stream, you need assistants and moderators. The larger the event, the larger the support team will be required. Therefore, we recommend that you apply to the services of professionals. ARENA CS has specialists, equipment, experience, and technical ability to hold an event of any complexity and topic while gathering the maximum audience. Or, conversely, weeding out unwanted viewers. Just tell us what event is needed, and we will come up with a way to make it as efficient as possible. Our specialists will gather a relevant audience, take care of the technical side and do everything to ensure that the audience has a positive impression!

What the online broadcasting service include

The organization of video broadcasting is a direction that our company began to deal with even before streams replaced offline events. Therefore, we provide a wide range of additional services, in addition to the stream itself. Our list of capabilities includes:

  •       Equipment. We broadcast from our cameras and are responsible for the whole technical part of the process, up to the sound quality and preservation of the recording.
  • Branding. Our specialists will watermark the video and, if necessary, add captions to indicate who owns the content.
  •       Audience. We select the optimal platform for broadcasting, depending on the number of viewers and stream direction.
  • Software solutions. A personal player for embedding on a site or developing a site specifically for broadcasting will allow you to broadcast it in maximum quality.

The only thing you need for any stream is the Internet at the event venue.

Professional organization of turnkey broadcasts is one of ARENA CS’s specializations


We have wide experience in the organization of various types of broadcasts. In 2020 alone, our specialists held more than 500 online events, including mixed ones. Each task is completed on a turnkey basis because they are working on it:

  • managers who ensure the optimal placement of cameras and are responsible for all organizational issues, including the delivery and configuration of equipment;
  • technicians whose job is to control the stability of the broadcast, support high-definition video, ensure high-quality sound, and save the recording on media;
  • specialists who have experience working with different platforms for broadcasts from ZOOM to YouTube and access paid functions on popular services!
  • programmers capable of developing a separate website for broadcasting or embedding a player for viewing on an existing page;
  • web marketers select the target audience, choose the optimal platform for streaming, and conduct an advertising campaign to attract the audience.

Professional organization of turnkey webinars is one of our company’s activities. To implement a project of any complexity, we have both high-class specialists and technical capabilities, and the experience of holding various events allows us to guarantee success and positive impressions for the audience.