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Many international organizations and companies have legitimate doubts about organizing their conferences and seminars in Kyiv and other big cities given the nature of the current events in Ukraine. While the situation in the capital has been but stable ever since the tragic shootings in February 2014, the easternmost regions of the country remain engulfed by war and violence. Is it worth at all risking to organize an event in Ukraine?

First of all, the problems are real – but they are also localized in relatively small pockets of instability. Crimea, a popular destination for business travel and various conferences in Ukraine, has become de-facto no man’s land for international business. Even without the mess with visas and murky control at unrecognized border, the very fact Ukrainian, European and American companies have been withdrawing from the peninsula at full speed and it is even impossible to pay with Master or Visa, sends a clear message: no hurry to place your event in Ukraine in Crimea. Until the situation returns to normalcy, at least.

Donetsk is another huge loss. With its brand-new Sergei Prokofiev airport reconstructed for Euro 2012 and lavish shopping malls and business centers, the heart of the country’s industrial power was a favorite destination for events in Ukraine, especially dealing with manufacturing. The war has devastated the region, and as of now its MICE potential is close to zero, if not below.

However, regardless of the current Ukraine events, the country is huge – size of France or Texas – so hostilities in Donetsk can hardly affect for example Lviv in some 1,500 miles to the West. Lviv – the capital of Western Ukraine – boasts its highly developed tourist infrastructure, decent European service and its medieval and baroque charm. The transportation is also improving. So it could be a perfect place for any event targeting Central and Eastern Europe as much as a good share of the post-Soviet countries.

Kyiv remains as stable as it was before the unrest. The security will only improve with an ongoing police reform based on best Western practices and experience. Plus, its infrastructure ranges from affordable to luxurious and, thanks to Arena CS long-standing professional ties, can be offered to our clients at a discounted price. Even Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk where the smoke of war feels closer than elsewhere are still very good destinations for your Ukraine events in terms of security and price for value, especially thanks to the current soft national currency.

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