#агентства по организации праздников

івент війна Яна Матвійчук

Event management market: new survival strategy and plans for future

Yulia Gulevych 23.11.2022

CEO of the ARENA CS event agency Yana Matviychuk - about the impact of the war on the Ukrainian event planning market prospects, and prerequisites for the recovery of the industry. Endurance…
правила по работе с декором

10+ rules for working with decor when preparing an event

Daria 18.10.2020

Decorations are an integral part of any event. It doesn't matter if it is a couple of banners or a variety of complex objects, the organizer needs a professional approach to the…
Чем может быть полезно ивент агентство

Of what use can be an event agency?

Daria 08.08.2019

Homemade bread is better than a loaf from a bakery. Dishes for family gatherings for 3-5 people can turn out to be much tastier than the menu of many cafes. It is…

Party organization services: achieving goals

Daria 27.02.2019

Professional organization of events, event business, which is built on many components. Event organization theory will be successful in practice only with attention to detail and every stage of the work. Quality…
ивент бизнес

Event business: the quality of the organization’s services is paramount

Daria 25.02.2019

Our event business is built on our main mission: to provide customers with high quality services. We regularly monitor the level of services provided and commitments. The successful organization of holidays in…
организация корпоративных мероприятий

Organization of corporate events: how to avoid mistakes

Daria 22.02.2019

Organization of corporate events is a serious job that requires experience, knowledge, and well-coordinated teamwork. If the organization of corporate events is carried out by untrained agencies or employees of their own…

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