#агентство корпоративных мероприятий

організація іентів

It’s not on time. Should corporate events be held during wartime?

Yulia Gulevych 07.02.2023

We are looking for optimal approaches during the dark times "The main thing is to survive": this was Ukrainian businesses' main task and slogan in 2022. And the companies survived: at first,…
івент війна Яна Матвійчук

Event management market: new survival strategy and plans for future

Yulia Gulevych 23.11.2022

CEO of the ARENA CS event agency Yana Matviychuk - about the impact of the war on the Ukrainian event planning market prospects, and prerequisites for the recovery of the industry. Endurance…
Как правильно работать с инструментом онлайн опросов

Online survey, organization and conduct of online surveys on live events — ARENA CS

Derevianko Ruslana 03.11.2021

Conducting online surveys One of the most popular methods of interacting with the audience during the broadcast is online polls. They allow you to quickly collect information of interest to the presenter…
Чем может быть полезно ивент агентство

Of what use can be an event agency?

Daria 08.08.2019

Homemade bread is better than a loaf from a bakery. Dishes for family gatherings for 3-5 people can turn out to be much tastier than the menu of many cafes. It is…
услуги организации праздников

Party organization services: achieving goals

Daria 28.02.2019

Organization of a corporate event allows you not only to give your team a holiday and good mood, but also to realize your goals. Among the goals: motivation of employees; reward for…
организация мероприятий

Organization of events: using modern technologies

Daria 21.02.2019

Organization of events is a necessity that sooner or later appears in all companies and enterprises. The format of the event depends on the goals and objectives assigned to the event. Events…

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