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ARENA CS организация гибридных мероприятий

Professions that will disappear. The trends of the New world

Yulia Gulevych 17.05.2021

The pandemic is a sharp turn in the development of humanity. Each global epidemic greatly changed the world and the further course of history. Obviously, many generations have needed such a painful…
Конференц Бюро

What makes a metropolis rich, or how to stop the transformation of Kyiv into a ghetto

Yulia Gulevych 20.04.2021

Cultural routes of Europe will appear in Ukraine soon. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already signed the necessary documents. But how will this affect the tourism industry, which is most affected by the…
пандемія ковід 2020

Yana Matviichuk about “AFTER TOMORROW” of the events: when will the offline return?!

Yulia Gulevych 18.02.2021

The future turned out to be closer than it is customary to talk about it. Once this should have happened, no one imagined that the same "some time" will happen now. The…
Arena CS успешно провела 4-дневный комбинированный ивент для медиков

ARENA CS successfully held a 4-day combined event for medics

Yulia Gulevych 05.08.2020

New times - new approaches to work. Nowadays, the relevance of combined events has increased: events that combine the traditional format with the possibilities of online broadcasting and communication. This is new…
ARENA CS зарегистрировалась в Achilles

An important part of the competitive strategy: ARENA CS has registered with Achilles

Yulia Gulevych 22.06.2020

In 2020,  ARENA CS event agency registered with the Achilles Network to meet the requirements of a reliable supplier, and now it is officially included in the Responsible Sourcing Community of this…
в ARENA CS создали айдентику для Украинского женского фонда

Volunteer project: ARENA CS created a design identity for the Ukrainian Women’s Fund

Yulia Gulevych 09.06.2020

The project "Women's Voice and Leadership - Ukraine" was initiated by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to protecting the rights of girls and women, as well as promoting gender equality…

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