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пандемія ковід 2020

Yana Matviichuk about “AFTER TOMORROW” of the events: when will the offline return?!

Yulia Gulevych 18.02.2021

The future turned out to be closer than it is customary to talk about it. Once this should have happened, no one imagined that the same "some time" will happen now. The…
20 идей для VIP мероприятия

20 impressive ideas for organizing a VIP event

Daria 16.08.2019

Providing people with the opportunity to feel special - is the key goal of all events, and especially VIP events. We give 20 interesting examples of VIP events organized for B2B and…
15 идей бюджетного ивента

15 ideas for organizing a cool budget event

Daria 18.07.2019

Events help to gain an audience, advertise a brand, promote products to the market, increase staff motivation. And you can achieve such results with a moderate budget. Do not rush to "rob…

Organization of corporate new year: it is necessary to trust professionals!

Yulia Gulevych 18.09.2018

ARENA CS - is a company, in which professionals work, which have enough knowledge, skills and experience for carrying out a corporate for a New Year at the highest level! A program…

New year’s corporative event with sense

Yulia Gulevych 10.09.2018

New Year's corporate event, before new working year, it is a fine and light festive event, connected with hope for the best in the coming year, with expectation of all goals' achievement…

How to order a corporate event?

Yulia Gulevych 07.09.2018

Quantity of persons, who are interested in ordering a corporate event in Ukraine and abroad, become more and more today. And it is not surprising, because qualitatively organized cheerful corporate event is…

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