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What makes a metropolis rich, or how to stop the transformation of Kyiv into a ghetto

Yulia Gulevych 20.04.2021

Cultural routes of Europe will appear in Ukraine soon. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already signed the necessary documents. But how will this affect the tourism industry, which is most affected by the…
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How the pandemic changed the event market: research

Daria 02.11.2020

Service for event managers Timepad analyzed the changing landscape of events after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became known which destinations quickly recovered after the lockdown, which thematic niches…
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Factors to consider before canceling an event

Daria 28.08.2020

The global pandemic has greatly affected the organization of long-planned events. Many were postponed to the next year, many were canceled, but with the proposal of alternative and new formats. But is…

Why can’t a good event be organized in one day?

Daria 04.09.2019

To do it quickly and efficiently, to be in time “for yesterday”, to organize an event in 1-2 days. Is it real? Unfortunately no. For a couple of days, it is impossible…
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Of what use can be an event agency?

Daria 08.08.2019

Homemade bread is better than a loaf from a bakery. Dishes for family gatherings for 3-5 people can turn out to be much tastier than the menu of many cafes. It is…
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15 ideas for organizing a cool budget event

Daria 18.07.2019

Events help to gain an audience, advertise a brand, promote products to the market, increase staff motivation. And you can achieve such results with a moderate budget. Do not rush to "rob…

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