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How to develop the creativity of the team? The principles of Netflix and the event management

Tkachuk Roman 26.04.2021

If a new interesting book gets into the ARENA CS library, I cannot ignore it. The last time this book was "The Strongest. Business by Netflix Rules" by Patti McCord, former VP…
хакатоны что это

Hackathons: what are they and why are they held and for whom are they suitable?

Daria 28.10.2020

The popularity of hackathons is growing steadily. Despite this, many still do not know what kind of event format it is, and why they are very relevant for IT companies. In short,…
Голограммы и ивенты

Holograms in events: technologies and principles of use

Daria 22.09.2020

Holograms are, of course, not the most advanced event technology. They have been used for a long time and are quite stable. But if a hologram is made with high quality, it…
билеты на ивент

7 types of event tickets: why so many and how to use them

Daria 16.10.2019

The event organizer is pleased to hear the phrase "All tickets are sold." This inspires the entire team of event managers. But not only them. Interested visitors, seeing the sale rate of…
как разместить кейтеринг

Catering at events: formats, life hacks, and recommendations

Daria 02.08.2019

What to offer the guests of the event: banquet, buffet or cocktail? How to accommodate the staff responsible for catering and to consider the location of guests? What are the subtleties of…

Holding a corporate event efficiently

sp 13.12.2018

If you trust the organization and conduct of a corporate event to an event agency, you hope for a positive result. This is possible only if the agency is correctly selected, which…

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