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Корпоративы во время пандемии

The idea of ​​how to conduct an online corporate event from ARENA CS

Derevianko Ruslana 19.11.2021

Ideas for an online corporate evant The global pandemic has made adjustments to the work processes of many companies around the world. Meetings were replaced by online conferences, and seminars were replaced…
организация праздника киев

Successful organization of a holiday Kiev: what is important to know?

Daria 31.01.2019

The successful organization of the Kiev holiday is the one as a result of which all the tasks were solved and the assigned goals were achieved, while the people present at the…
организация корпоратива киев

Organization of a corporate event Kiev: it is better to turn to professionals

Daria 30.01.2019

Organization of a corporate party Kiev is a necessity that regularly arises for all companies. Corporate events are an effective tool for promoting business strategy. They are divided into the following formats:…
корпоратив под ключ

Turnkey corporate: what do you need to organize an event?

Daria 29.01.2019

A turnkey corporate is the preparation and organization of an event from the very first meeting or conversation with a client to the end of the event. The agency of holiday services…

A corporate new year – ideas and formats of a holiday

Yulia Gulevych 24.10.2018

All staff of firm waits for a corporate New year, which ideas can be absolutely different! A program of a New Year's corporate event has to be such that its positive charge…

Professional services from the event company ARENA CS

Yulia Gulevych 11.10.2018

Any conference, forum or thematic corporate event is an important action, by means of which certain problems are solved and defined services are provided to an event. In this case an event…

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