#ивент агентства Киев

як провести благодійний івент

How to plan a charitable event during the war

Yulia Gulevych 18.11.2022

In Ukraine, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the number of charitable organizations and initiatives has increased significantly. Ukrainians unite for the sake of victory. As part of the…
Профессиональный подход к организации онлайн-мероприятий от ARENA CS

ARENA CS team organizes online broadcasts and webinars

Derevianko Ruslana 23.11.2021

How to organize online broadcasts Have you got both offline and online events at the same time? Popular, modern, yet challenging for one person to manage. Therefore, we have a whole team…
Netflix самоменеджмент

How to develop the creativity of the team? The principles of Netflix and the event management

Tkachuk Roman 26.04.2021

If a new interesting book gets into the ARENA CS library, I cannot ignore it. The last time this book was "The Strongest. Business by Netflix Rules" by Patti McCord, former VP…
Летний ивент

Summer event: how not to fail miserably

Daria 21.08.2019

Organizing a summer event may require more time and resources. Open Air requires a serious attitude to preparation, otherwise, the organizers will have to kick themselves (that’s actually what Midsummer Night’s Dream…
влияние социальных сетей

How social networks have changed the event sphere and how helpful they are

Daria 26.07.2019

According to statistics, 95% of global network users daily use social networks to communicate, receive information, search and order goods and services. Among these, 87% are more inclined to trust the information…
организация ивент мероприятий

Organization of events, why you should contact the agency

Daria 13.02.2019

What is event organization? The popularity of the events is growing every day. And for high-quality holidays, an event organization agency will help companies. You can try to organize a holiday on…

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