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ARENA CS организация гибридных мероприятий

Professions that will disappear. The trends of the New world

Yulia Gulevych 17.05.2021

The pandemic is a sharp turn in the development of humanity. Each global epidemic greatly changed the world and the further course of history. Obviously, many generations have needed such a painful…
Как приручить дракона: CEO Arena CS рассказала об особенностях работы ивент менеджера

How to train your dragon: ARENA CS’ CEO talked about the features of the event manager

Yulia Gulevych 13.02.2020

CEO of ARENA CS event agency Yana Matviychuk spoke at the event “HR Brand Award”, which took place in December 2019. Yana told the participants of one of the best HR events…
что на самом деле интересует спонсоров мероприятий

Only facts: what the event sponsors really want

Yulia Gulevych 10.01.2020

Sponsorship financing is a key source of revenue for a large number of events. Naturally, sponsors do not appear by themselves. Finding them is an important task for the organizer. And frankly,…
украинский ивент менеджмент

Breathe life into an unknown place: what can give camping in Amsterdam to Ukrainian event managers?

Daria 27.09.2019

Imagine camping in the conditions of a real Blue Lagoon, located ... in Transcarpathia. Or rest among landscapes of the real American canyon - but only much closer, in the Mykolaiv area.…

Brief for an event: why is it needed?

Daria 09.09.2019

You have already encountered this more than once: when ordering services from professionals, first of all, you get a brief with an urgent request to fill it out in detail. Organization of…
агентство проведения праздников

How to choose a good holiday agency

Daria 18.02.2019

The holiday agency will ensure the preparation and conduct of events of all formats. Today on the market of event services, many companies are willing to offer their services. The choice of…

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