#ивент индустрия

Карантин ивенты

There is no way without creativity: we make “quarantine” events fun and safe

Daria 16.09.2020

Formally, events in the regions of Ukraine that are not included in the dangerous zones are allowed. But the sheer number of restrictions is not encouraging. However, event managers are resourceful people.…
Небольшие и локализованные

Small and localized: an epidemiologist predicted the future of events

Yulia Gulevych 02.06.2020

Representatives of the event industry are louder and louder about the need to return to events. Many companies have the future of their business at stake. At the very least, event organizers…
Когда ивент индустрия оправится от коронавируса

When will the event industry recover from the coronavirus?

Yulia Gulevych 21.04.2020

2020 was a promising year for many event organizers. But as a result, it became the most destructive. And now the participants are only concerned with one question: when will the recovery…
Ивент индустрия будет помнить

We will remember

Yulia Gulevych 10.04.2020

While many companies and communities of people are rallying and helping each other to defeat COVID-19, there is also a number of companies that carry out unjustified layoffs, charge crazy cancellation fees,…
Перенос ивентов: что будет дальше

Event postponing: what will happen next?

Yulia Gulevych 26.03.2020

The event industry is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history. The coronavirus pandemic forced organizers to postpone thousands of events. Event companies and potential event participants are…
Битломания в Нью-Йорке

Beatlemania in New York: how a pop-up store regained interest in the Liverpool four

Yulia Gulevych 11.02.2020

More than 50 years have passed since the formation of the most popular band in the world, and The Beatles continue to attract their fans (and consistently earn money). In the pre-Christmas…

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