ивент рынок

How the pandemic changed the event market: research

Daria 02.11.2020

Service for event managers Timepad analyzed the changing landscape of events after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became known which destinations quickly recovered after the lockdown, which thematic niches…
4 идеи по оформлению виртуальных событий

What’s in the frame: 4 ideas for decorating virtual events

Yulia Gulevych 29.07.2020

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular due to the consequences of the pandemic: restrictions in many countries prevent full-fledged offline events from being held. Even when the return to offline…
Как «шопинг-реванш» может возродить ивенты

How “revenge shopping” can revive events

Yulia Gulevych 12.05.2020

After a protracted quarantine in China, fashion brand Hermès reopened its flagship store. On the first day, he managed to earn $ 2.7 million. This is the highest figure for a boutique…
Ивенты после пандемии

Events after the pandemic: technologies that will allow to hold events

Yulia Gulevych 05.05.2020

The process has begun: more and more countries are reporting weakening of quarantine measures. Naturally, representatives of the event industry are interested in when the moment of legalization of events comes. The…
Бизнес и ивенты новой эры

Business and events of the “new era”

Yulia Gulevych 16.04.2020

The current crisis is unique - this is the first situation in ARENA CS's 16-year practice, when the demand for all shows, events, meetings within the whole country and the whole world…
Новая реальность

New reality: what will the event sphere be in the near future

Yulia Gulevych 14.04.2020

Germany has launched one of the world's largest coronavirus research projects. Preliminary data demonstrate the role of events in the spread of the virus and provide a prognosis for the next 6-9…

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