#коронавирус ивенты

Профессиональный подход к организации онлайн-мероприятий от ARENA CS

ARENA CS team organizes online broadcasts and webinars

Derevianko Ruslana 23.11.2021

How to organize online broadcasts Have you got both offline and online events at the same time? Popular, modern, yet challenging for one person to manage. Therefore, we have a whole team…
Netflix самоменеджмент

How to develop the creativity of the team? The principles of Netflix and the event management

Tkachuk Roman 26.04.2021

If a new interesting book gets into the ARENA CS library, I cannot ignore it. The last time this book was "The Strongest. Business by Netflix Rules" by Patti McCord, former VP…
Социальное дистанцирование: реально ли в таких условиях проводить прибыльные ивенты?

Social distance: is it possible to conduct profitable events in such conditions?

Yulia Gulevych 30.06.2020

Events in Ukraine are allowed, but with serious restrictions. This is the distance between people, mask mode, temperature screening and much more. The need to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m…
11 особенностей безопасных ивентов

11 features of safe events during quarantine

Yulia Gulevych 26.06.2020

With the weakening of quarantine (with varying degrees of success in different regions), we are slowly starting to return to live events. However, outbreaks in some areas continue to increase and event…
Новые исследования предвещают более быстрое возвращение индустрии ивентов

New research portends faster return of event industry

Yulia Gulevych 04.06.2020

A new study from Italy, the epicenter of the European Covid-19 outbreak, heralds a potential comeback for the event industry. And very soon. Dr. Alberto Zangrillo is the Head of the Intensive…
Ивенты после пандемии

Events after the pandemic: technologies that will allow to hold events

Yulia Gulevych 05.05.2020

The process has begun: more and more countries are reporting weakening of quarantine measures. Naturally, representatives of the event industry are interested in when the moment of legalization of events comes. The…

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