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Speaker’s Cheat Sheet: How to Prepare an Online Speech

Derevianko Ruslana 10.01.2022

Many people fear public speaking. It is most often based on lack of experience, self-doubt, fear of the audience's reaction before it perceives the lecturer. This fear is dulled a little when…

Arena CS is simply the best in online streaming on YouTube

Yulia Gulevych 15.11.2021

How to make professional YouTube broadcast YouTube is a super popular video hosting service with tens of millions of users. One of its functions is to conduct live broadcasts, the so-called streams.…
zoom конференция онлайн

How to organize a conference in Zoom – TOP tips from an event agency

Yulia Gulevych 29.06.2021

The modern world dictates new conditions in all spheres of life. Especially in redrawing the usual things excelled coronavirus. In a pandemic, traditional meetings are confidently being replaced by virtual ones. For…
Голограммы и ивенты

Holograms in events: technologies and principles of use

Daria 22.09.2020

Holograms are, of course, not the most advanced event technology. They have been used for a long time and are quite stable. But if a hologram is made with high quality, it…
4 возможности получить максимальную отдачу от ивента

4 opportunities to get the most out of the event

Yulia Gulevych 12.02.2020

Exhibitions, conferences and other events can significantly affect the profitability of a business. But their organization needs substantial investment. Naturally, the business owner wants to maximize the return on his investment. And…

Why can’t a good event be organized in one day?

Daria 04.09.2019

To do it quickly and efficiently, to be in time “for yesterday”, to organize an event in 1-2 days. Is it real? Unfortunately no. For a couple of days, it is impossible…

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