#организация конференций

3 trends in the organization of conferences and corporate events

Yulia Gulevych 31.03.2020

The number of conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other corporate events is growing annually. This affects the features of the event companies. We analyzed current trends in the organization of such events, as…
идеи и темы для ежегодных конференций брендов

Avoid being boring: ideas and themes for annual brand conferences

Yulia Gulevych 07.02.2020

Annual conferences are a status tradition for the organizer, ensuring effective brand promotion. But there is a problem. Almost the same guests (mostly) attend events every year. And naturally, they expect to…
Как ориентировать учебные конференции на посетителей

How to make visitors get focused on training conferences?

Yulia Gulevych 17.12.2019

Who is more important at the training conference - speakers or visitors? Who are the organizers targeting? Do they perceive visitors as learners who come for new experiences, or spend more time…
как разместить кейтеринг

Catering at events: formats, life hacks, and recommendations

Daria 02.08.2019

What to offer the guests of the event: banquet, buffet or cocktail? How to accommodate the staff responsible for catering and to consider the location of guests? What are the subtleties of…
организация семинаров

Organization of seminars and conferences from ARENA CS

Daria 15.02.2019

The organization of seminars and conferences of varying degrees of complexity is most in demand in the work of the ARENA CS event agency (Arena Conferences and Seminars). The workflow includes thinking…
организация развлекательных мероприятий

Organization of entertainment events: who to entrust it

Daria 14.02.2019

Organization of entertainment events is not only fun and laughter, but painstaking and difficult work is behind these holidays. In order for the event to be successful and bright, to leave wonderful…

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