#организация корпоративов

Organization and holding corporate events

Yulia Gulevych 27.09.2018

Organization and holding corporate events is a quite difficult work, which demands not only enthusiasm, and existence of other, more important indicators. It is required an organizer of holidays to make a…

The most courageous profession is an events organization manager!

Yulia Gulevych 26.09.2018

Events popularity grows day by day. And need for competent events organization managers also grow with them. The event manager is a profession, which will give a valuable life and working experience.…

Holding festive events can become a holiday and for you, as for the organizer!

Yulia Gulevych 21.09.2018

Holding festive events gathers popularity every day. For successful work of a company is necessary not only collaboration of employees, but and joint rest. The following events will also be good for…

How to hold a new year’s corporate event? Councils from ARENA CS

Yulia Gulevych 21.09.2018

With approach of New Year heads of many firms think of that of organizing a cheerful New Year's corporate event for subordinates. How to carry out a New Year's corporate event? It…

New year’s corporative event with sense

Yulia Gulevych 10.09.2018

New Year's corporate event, before new working year, it is a fine and light festive event, connected with hope for the best in the coming year, with expectation of all goals' achievement…

“Event manager” – a job to your liking: myth or reality?

Yulia Gulevych 05.09.2018

Event manager is one of the most exciting professions today. Many job seekers present the event manager profession in a very romantic light. Let's figure out who an event manager is and…

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