#Организация и проведение мероприятий

ARENA CS организация гибридных мероприятий

Professions that will disappear. The trends of the New world

Yulia Gulevych 17.05.2021

The pandemic is a sharp turn in the development of humanity. Each global epidemic greatly changed the world and the further course of history. Obviously, many generations have needed such a painful…

Joy, sport and positivity – new trends for corporate parties

Yulia Gulevych 23.04.2020

During quarantine, all activities at the legislative level are prohibited. Today is April 23rd and quarantine measures will continue until at least May 11th. Events will be banned even longer, with a…

Party organization services: achieving goals

Daria 27.02.2019

Professional organization of events, event business, which is built on many components. Event organization theory will be successful in practice only with attention to detail and every stage of the work. Quality…
организация семинаров

Organization of seminars and conferences from ARENA CS

Daria 15.02.2019

The organization of seminars and conferences of varying degrees of complexity is most in demand in the work of the ARENA CS event agency (Arena Conferences and Seminars). The workflow includes thinking…
организация торжеств

Celebration organization: what is a good script?

Daria 07.02.2019

A script is a detailed, step-by-step description of each micro-event, of which, like a carpet of threads, the event is composed. Organizing and holding events without a carefully written script will turn…

Party organization company: event branding

Daria 05.02.2019

Event branding - event design, media in the style of the organizing company. The purpose of branding is to make sure that guests and the media clearly associate the event with the…

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