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Arena CS is simply the best in online streaming on YouTube

Yulia Gulevych 15.11.2021

How to make professional YouTube broadcast YouTube is a super popular video hosting service with tens of millions of users. One of its functions is to conduct live broadcasts, the so-called streams.…
Что нужно учесть при организации онлайн-трансляции

How to make a webinar: broadcasting rules

Derevianko Ruslana 04.11.2021

How to conduct webinar: standard rules Webinars are not a new format for online communication. Online classes have been held before, but under the conditions of quarantine restrictions, they have acquired a…
Конференц Бюро

What makes a metropolis rich, or how to stop the transformation of Kyiv into a ghetto

Yulia Gulevych 20.04.2021

Cultural routes of Europe will appear in Ukraine soon. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already signed the necessary documents. But how will this affect the tourism industry, which is most affected by the…
виртуальное пространство мероприятий

New realities: how to design a virtual event space

Daria 01.09.2020

At the beginning of quarantine restrictions (March 2020), more than 80 thousand events around the world had to be canceled or postponed worldwide. Without waiting for full permission to hold events, many…

5 new trends in event management

Daria 20.08.2020

The future of the event sphere is shrouded in uncertainty. Perhaps event organizers are in the most unstable position in the entire history of their existence. Event companies are too dependent on…
15 идей бюджетного ивента

15 ideas for organizing a cool budget event

Daria 18.07.2019

Events help to gain an audience, advertise a brand, promote products to the market, increase staff motivation. And you can achieve such results with a moderate budget. Do not rush to "rob…

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