#Организация ивентов

5 new trends in event management

Daria 20.08.2020

The future of the event sphere is shrouded in uncertainty. Perhaps event organizers are in the most unstable position in the entire history of their existence. Event companies are too dependent on…
4 идеи по оформлению виртуальных событий

What’s in the frame: 4 ideas for decorating virtual events

Yulia Gulevych 29.07.2020

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular due to the consequences of the pandemic: restrictions in many countries prevent full-fledged offline events from being held. Even when the return to offline…
Гибридные ивенты наше очевидное будущее

Hybrid events are our obvious future. What will they look like?

Yulia Gulevych 16.07.2020

Event organizers all over the world agree that most events in the future will contain elements to reach a virtual audience. The events will become hybrid: with a small number of people…
Социальное дистанцирование: реально ли в таких условиях проводить прибыльные ивенты?

Social distance: is it possible to conduct profitable events in such conditions?

Yulia Gulevych 30.06.2020

Events in Ukraine are allowed, but with serious restrictions. This is the distance between people, mask mode, temperature screening and much more. The need to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m…
Небольшие и локализованные

Small and localized: an epidemiologist predicted the future of events

Yulia Gulevych 02.06.2020

Representatives of the event industry are louder and louder about the need to return to events. Many companies have the future of their business at stake. At the very least, event organizers…
Развиваться или ждать

Evolve or wait? Opposing opinions from industry experts

Yulia Gulevych 26.05.2020

Quarantine events have not been completely canceled, uncertainty remains, and representatives of the event industry are discussing how to move forward. Someone expresses the opinion that it is necessary to start work…

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