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Why do companies pay for event organization services?

Daria 08.02.2019

The number of events is growing - as is the demand for event management services. Organization of celebrations? Organization of business events? Holding corporate events? Companies are less and less likely to…
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Celebration organization: what is a good script?

Daria 07.02.2019

A script is a detailed, step-by-step description of each micro-event, of which, like a carpet of threads, the event is composed. Organizing and holding events without a carefully written script will turn…
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Organization of business events: which media are better

Daria 06.02.2019

The best holiday agencies use all possible methods that can help in organizing the event. Are you planning mass events, corporate events or business events? The ARENA CS event organization agency uses…

Party organization company: event branding

Daria 05.02.2019

Event branding - event design, media in the style of the organizing company. The purpose of branding is to make sure that guests and the media clearly associate the event with the…
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Event agency: life hacks for writing the perfect script

Daria 04.02.2019

Organizing and holding events, whether it is organizing celebrations and celebrations for the company's team, organizing business events or holding corporate events, requires a cool script. Event ARENA CS has developed several…

Event agencies: how does the first-class service look like?

Yulia Gulevych 11.10.2018

The best event agencies complete team with professional event managers, train employees and also create own rules and approve quality standards to which an organization of mass events has to correspond. The…

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