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Корпоративы во время пандемии

The idea of ​​how to conduct an online corporate event from ARENA CS

Derevianko Ruslana 19.11.2021

Ideas for an online corporate evant The global pandemic has made adjustments to the work processes of many companies around the world. Meetings were replaced by online conferences, and seminars were replaced…
Ивент агентство что это

What is an event agency? How to understand which one to choose?

sp 20.12.2018

ARENA CS event agency - what is it? These are professionals who know how to organize a corporate party and where to celebrate a corporate party so as to cause indescribable delight…
ивент менеджер это

Is the event-manager profession easy or difficult?

sp 19.12.2018

In addition, an experienced eventor takes into account not only the number of participants in the future event, but also their age group, as well as the percentage of males and females.…

A corporate new year – ideas and formats of a holiday

Yulia Gulevych 24.10.2018

All staff of firm waits for a corporate New year, which ideas can be absolutely different! A program of a New Year's corporate event has to be such that its positive charge…

Professional services from the event company ARENA CS

Yulia Gulevych 11.10.2018

Any conference, forum or thematic corporate event is an important action, by means of which certain problems are solved and defined services are provided to an event. In this case an event…

What subtleties does holding of conferences have?

Yulia Gulevych 05.10.2018

It is required an individual approach to process of organization of various business events, including conferences. Usually their duration is several days, including miniseminars for certain participants of an event, workshops and…

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