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Professions that will disappear. The trends of the New world

Yulia Gulevych 17.05.2021

The pandemic is a sharp turn in the development of humanity. Each global epidemic greatly changed the world and the further course of history. Obviously, many generations have needed such a painful…
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Summer event: how not to fail miserably

Daria 21.08.2019

Organizing a summer event may require more time and resources. Open Air requires a serious attitude to preparation, otherwise, the organizers will have to kick themselves (that’s actually what Midsummer Night’s Dream…
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Catering at events: formats, life hacks, and recommendations

Daria 02.08.2019

What to offer the guests of the event: banquet, buffet or cocktail? How to accommodate the staff responsible for catering and to consider the location of guests? What are the subtleties of…
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How social networks have changed the event sphere and how helpful they are

Daria 26.07.2019

According to statistics, 95% of global network users daily use social networks to communicate, receive information, search and order goods and services. Among these, 87% are more inclined to trust the information…
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15 ideas for organizing a cool budget event

Daria 18.07.2019

Events help to gain an audience, advertise a brand, promote products to the market, increase staff motivation. And you can achieve such results with a moderate budget. Do not rush to "rob…
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Corporate events from ARENA CS agency

Daria 12.02.2019

The main task of a corporate event is to unite the team for their effective work, and not just for fun. Corporate holidays are of a different nature: for entertainment, there can…

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