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Teambuilding with meaning

We will:

✅ combine a team building training with a creative party

✅ develop event ideas and concepts specifically for your business and under your corporate culture, audience, traditions, and goals

✅ surprise the whole team

✅ say: “NO” to “one-size-fits-all” scripts

















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Want to get a free budget calculation of your future teambuilding?

We will evaluate the problem, ask questions, form several ideas, propose implementation mechanics, and select locations.

Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

Kateryna Bokhynska, PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”
Communications executive

For almost two years of cooperation with the ARENA CS team we have managed to organize a number of internal events and projects for our colleagues: small meetings for 20 people, live broadcast of the domestic event throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, numerous events – conferences in Kyiv and beyond, and a large-scale New Year celebration for more than 1,000 company employees.

During this time, the ARENA CS team repeatedly convinced us in their professionalism and creativity, the ability to get out of any situation and frameworks and to leave pleasant emotions and impressions after each project. The great advantages of the team are 24/7 availability, the realization of our most insane wishes and ideas, a constantly friendly attitude, and a 100% impact on the project.

Sincerely grateful to ARENA CS for our productive cooperation at the highest level. We will gladly entrust the realization of the following activities to them!

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ARENA CS has 70 event managers with the coolest ideas just for you

The UN, Philip Morris, BASF, Porsche and many others work with us

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You will be proud of the event you had with ARENA CS

Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

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Teambuilding Organization: When a Team Decides Everything!

HR events of various formats, and especially teambuildings, are an inevitable component in the life of every company. Cadres decide everything – growth, performance and cohesion of the team are the responsibility of the HR manager.

If you want to conduct a non-standard teambuilding or an effective teambuilding event for employees, we will help you organize a unique program that will be remembered for a long time or choose a competent trainer and provide the group with everything necessary for a quality training.

“Unique and original teambuilding” does not always mean costly – ARENA CS specialists will surely offer several options for your budget. The selection of an interesting format depends not so much on the budget as on the objectives of the event, as well as the experience and talent of the organizers. Managers of ARENA CS will take upon themselves the hassle of organizing and supporting HR events, freeing the HR department from the worries of finding additional staff.

Teambuildings help in business development

For the development of a business strategy, teambuilding events and teambuildings are of great importance. With their help, corporate culture and communication policy is introduced and spread.

Team building allows you to implement the following goals:

  • improve relationships, reduce conflict in the team;
  • rally employees, increase team spirit;
  • create a positive image;
  • demonstrate achievements, present new services and products, and many others.

The format of the event depends on the goals

If the task is to improve the work of employees in teams, a competition format is carried out where employees are divided into teams of up to 10 people and together perform various tasks, thereby rallying and training teamwork skills.

A teambuilding is considered as effective and successful one, when all the tasks were completed and the goals were achieved. To get this result, you need an experienced event organizer, so you should appeal to an event agency.

Teambuildings: How the Event Agency Works

The event agency provides services for organizing teambuildings and events according to the following methodology:

  1. Setting goals by answering the question “Why”
  2. Selecting the most effective tools to achieve – the answer to the question “WHAT”
  3. Determining exactly how the tools will be used – the answer to the question “HOW”
  4. The next step is careful planning.

The organization of events, and especially teambuildings, is a difficult job, in which it is important to take into account many details. Event manager needs:

  • to study the target audience and its interests,
  • to plan an event, scenarios and tasks for which should be developed in several copies.
  • pick a location. The successful teambuilding Kyiv largely depends on the choice of the venue.
  • location design.
  • catering for participants.
  • technical support.
  • transfer, etc.

The most profitable variant for the customer is to choose the “turnkey” organization the event, which implies the implementation of all work.

Teambuilding organization in Kyiv: Events with ARENA CS are emotions that cannot be expressed in words!

Our event corporation ARENA CS has been successfully working in the event industry for 15 years. Among the main areas of activity is the organization of teambuildings. If you need an event organizer who can conduct a teambuilding event at the highest level, you have come to the address. Indeed, for each of our organizers of a corporate event, it is important that everything turns out cool, that everyone is happy, and they could proudly talk about this event, especially if it was a large-scale event.

Remember! You will be proud of the event that you held with ARENA CS, and with the help of our interesting and perfectly organized teambuildings, your employees will be proud of their employer.