In Ukraine, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the number of charitable organizations and initiatives has increased significantly. Ukrainians unite for the sake of victory. As part of the activities of volunteers and organizations, there is a constant need to hold charity events: for refugees, partners, the media, etc. At the stage of organizing events, most organizations face difficulties caused by the war. The constant threat of war, the lack of electricity, the impossibility of obtaining everything necessary – this is what everyone who wants to hold an event in Ukraine is dealing with today. If you don’t have the strength to figure things out, you should hire an event agency to help you solve all the problems.

Women's Aid International event

Conducting a concert for internally displaced persons in Kyiv

Charitable event: the main rules of the organization during the war

If you are not ready to spend money on the services of professionals or do not have the resources for it, then, obviously, you will organize the event on your own. For the event to be high-quality and safe, observe the following simple rules:

1) Decide on the format of the event

Charitable events can be diverse: exhibitions, conferences, pieces of training, auctions, concerts… To determine which event format to choose, determine the purpose of your event. The goal may be to raise funds for help, tell the community about your initiative, teach something, and many other things. It is after determining the goal that you choose the desired format.

2) Take care of safety

Already at the event planning stage, think about the venue. The region and specific settlement should be taken into account here. It is unlikely that holding a large-scale event near the front line is a good idea. In addition, you should consider the shelter the event participants will use during the air sirens. Read about the hall selection rules here.

3) Think about your audience

Estimate who can attend your event. Be sure to consider that every day in Ukraine, the number of people affected by the war is growing. If your event is for such people, arrange accessibility to the event. It is about the fact that some of the victims of the war are people with disabilities. Be sure to take care of an inclusive space, so your guests are not inconvenienced.

Жіноча допомога фонд ARENA CS

Communication training is a chance to avoid mistakes

4) Learn to communicate correctly

Now it is essential to learn to speak correctly about war victims and to be able to communicate with them. If you work with such people, you need to take specialized courses or training. After all, ignorance of communication rules can lead to misunderstandings with the guests at your events and conflicts and grievances.

The recruitment of participants for the “Communication with Vulnerable Groups” training continues until November 20, where those interested will be taught how to communicate with war victims, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Be sure to apply via the link. The training organizer is Yana Matviychuk’s charitable foundation, “Women’s Aid International,” with the support of the European Union.

5) No fireworks

Yes, it sounds obvious, but not everyone understands it yet. Forget about fireworks, firecrackers, and other pyrotechnics that can cause bright flashes and make sounds similar to explosions. Millions of people in Ukraine now have the post-traumatic syndrome. Any loud sounds and flashes cause panic, fear, and numbness in these people. Even if your event guests are people who saw the war only in photos and videos, you should still refrain from pyrotechnics. Why?

First, in some regions and cities of Ukraine, fireworks are prohibited by law. And this leads to the fact that such a ban will apply throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Secondly, think not only about yourself but also about others. Not far from the place of your event, many people may have been significantly affected by the war. Therefore, let’s take care of each other!

Holding an event during the war is difficult, but with the right approach to organization, everything will succeed! If you need help preparing an event, contact ARENA CS and your event will be organized at the highest level!

The publication was prepared with the support of the European Union as part of the Scholarship Program for civil society leaders of the Eastern Partnership countries. The publication reflects the position of the charitable foundation Women’s Aid International and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union.