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OUR EVENT’S CREATION METHODOLOGY consists of key questions to the client and to our own team:

In priority to know the event purpose –
WHY this project is initiated?

Then to define the list of tools –
WHAT will help us to achieve the project objectives?

And only after we understand –
HOW we will use / combine / budget these tools.

Only having dealt with answers to questions WHAT FOR? – WHAT? – HOW? it is possible to start planning of the concept, logistics and mechanics of an effective action.





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Yana Matviychuk Yana Matviychuk

Yana Matviychuk


Taras Matviichuk Taras Matviichuk

Taras Matviichuk

Deputy CEO

Yulia Gulevych Yulia Gulevych

Yulia Gulevych

Marketing and Sales Director

Elena Matviichuk Elena Matviichuk

Elena Matviichuk

Chief Financial Officer

Olga Gastulyak Olga Gastulyak

Olga Gastulyak

Senior Team Lead

Olya Kovalchuk Olya Kovalchuk

Olya Kovalchuk

Senior Team Lead

Kseniia Litvinchuk Kseniia Litvinchuk

Kseniia Litvinchuk

Project Manager

Mariya Presnetsova Mariya Presnetsova

Mariya Presnetsova

Senior Project Executive

Maksym Shopov Maksym Shopov

Maksym Shopov

Project Executive

Snizhana Sydorchuk Snizhana Sydorchuk

Snizhana Sydorchuk

HR manager

Igor Kuprienko Igor Kuprienko

Igor Kuprienko

Project Executive

Daria Dovgan Daria Dovgan

Daria Dovgan

Project Manager

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