Isn’t the organization of events all-over entertainment? It looks like that from the outside or it seems so for novice employees of the event-agencies, and even for some owners of companies which engages in the organization of events. We have been working in this business for 12 years, that’s why we are convinced that the event-management is a serious adult business requiring a professional approach.

Because the success of the event determined by the creative ideas and their thorough, professional externalization. Key success factors are the way of organization and skillfulness of a management team, expenses monitoring of all budget lines and the customer’s way of achievements of the goals.


ARENA CS – a professional conference organizer company in Ukraine

It was created in 2004 by its general director Yanah Matviychuk. She says:

“In 2012-2013 we conducted 850 events per year. It was the limit of our possibilities. Of course, we would like more volumes, especially because our services become more claimed.


The solution is standardization and structuring work of the Arena CS. For three years we passed the all stages of the difficult process: from 25 people up to 57, the quantity of events increased, as well as the scope of each of the event.

With the help of the grant and the full support of the EBRD we have automated the project and financial accounting. That made possible to release at least 25% work time of the employees and management.

We can say that our commitment to excellence and scale was justified.”



What provides the excellent service? Those are our decades of experience in organizing events and professional knowledge. Increased attention to details, our own materials and technical base and permanent introduction of innovations allow us to realize the ideas of each level of complexity.


But our most important resource is a close-knit and committed team, which does not stops to learn and to master new technologies. That allows us to implement our social mission to increase business activity and international cooperation in Ukraine.



We organize events with a sense of business activities, forums, conferences, presentations, trainings, workshops, round-table discussions and special events.


Careful attention to detail of the company’s structure and business processes helps us to take the work of the large scale of orders at the lowest price on the market. Every day we optimize our business model, amplify the organization and use all opportunities to attract the best employees to our team. We conduct events from 10 people up to 9000 participants.

Our main clients are the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, UNICEF, the Council of Europe, WTO, GIZ, ISAR, IRF (International Renaissance Foundation), Fund of PLHIV and other non-profit foundations and international organizations.

Our creative event department, which was opened in 2013, works with such clients as Kyivstar, PMU, Interpipe. During the time of startup department have been growing into a major business project.


For our customers every training, workshop or round table is an important event which helps them to solve certain tasks and achieve their goals. Our challenge is to deliver them from cares of organizing and receiving guests and to allow them to focus on the more important businesses for the event.

Yes, training for 25 people in Severodonetsk is the event which as important as a forum in Kyiv for the 1000 participants. This is the uniqueness of our team: ARENA CS is the production events working with specially developed algorithms and standards of service.

Our goal is to organize a project of any complexity even in the shortest term, and the service must be always excellent, like at the real factory, and independent of the external factors and contractors.

We have everything for organization of the turnkey event: printing, catering, transport department, professional event managers and event coordinators.

We work in a limited market sphere where exists a requirement to organize events urgently, on-the-cuff, or where bad service is equivalent to the damage to the reputation of the customer, where the different orders and tasks can come from several departments of the customer in the same time and must be quickly and qualitatively processed.


How to count number of conducted events?

For us every training is the event. And if the brief visits a series of trainings in 22 cities by 35-40 trainings per month during two months, then it is definitely not a single event. Those are 75 events like “UNICEF Series of trainings for teachers and psychologists”, which we conducted in November and December 2015.
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Our company debugged to the ideal all business processes. Every employee knows his functionality and responsibility areas and does not duplicate other tasks.We have strict standards, regulations and work rules.

Do you think that’s not an individual approach? Quite the contrary. We do not talk about the preparation of similar events, but the providing high standards of service for each event.


We used to give our customers the best service that requires constant following the rules.

We just do not have the right to make a mistake, because each event is the great importance for our clients, and we are directly responsible for its conduct.

  • We can produce all polygraphy and souvenirs for your event.
  • We can deliver any technique on time and urgently.
  • Also we bring tribunes for speaker, arm-chairs the presidium, a new carpeting for the presidium, front desks, coffee machines, kitchen utensils and a lot of other different things that we have in stock in large quantities.

This carries by our employees and our own productions in a very short time due to the integration of operations in most of the operational organization of the event.

Furthermore, we are increasing capacity every quarter!


Our goal is to promote business activity and international cooperation in Ukraine, so we most effectively do our job!

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