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Как вовлечь гостей

How to engage guests: 5 recommendations from an event expert Pamela Norwood

Olena 24.12.2019

Today we’ll share the recommendations from Pamela Norwood: creative director of the marketing agency and the owner of the event company in New York. Her resume includes events for world-famous brands: Rolling…
9 креативных концепций для Вашего мероприятия

9 creative concepts that will impress event participants

Olena 20.12.2019

Visitors of events are eager to gain experience that will open up new opportunities for them. Of particular interest in this is the so-called generation of millennials. In Ukraine, studies have not…
Как ориентировать учебные конференции на посетителей

How to make visitors get focused on training conferences?

Olena 17.12.2019

Who is more important at the training conference - speakers or visitors? Who are the organizers targeting? Do they perceive visitors as learners who come for new experiences, or spend more time…
Как подвести итоги мероприятия

How to summarize the event: the value of surveys and ideas to carry them out.

Olena 13.12.2019

How to know whether the event was successful? Find out what goals are achieved? Or how to identify mistakes, reasons for dissatisfaction of the participants? Obviously, personal experience and professional insight of…
гости с особыми потребностями

Guests with special needs: how to take their interests into account when organizing an event

Olena 10.12.2019

The company organizes an event. For example, a conference for sales department employees of all regional branch offices. The event takes place in one of the capital's hotels with its own beach.…
10 примеров оффлайн маркетинга

10 examples of offline marketing: how brands brilliantly promote their product without Internet

Olena 06.12.2019

The Internet has fascinated humanity: more than 4 billion people on the planet regularly go online and spend significant time there. The spread of the Internet has given rise to the concept…

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