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Arena CS успешно провела 4-дневный комбинированный ивент для медиков

ARENA CS successfully held a 4-day combined event for medics

Olena 05.08.2020

New times - new approaches to work. Nowadays, the relevance of combined events has increased: events that combine the traditional format with the possibilities of online broadcasting and communication. This is new…
4 идеи по оформлению виртуальных событий

What’s in the frame: 4 ideas for decorating virtual events

Olena 29.07.2020

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular due to the consequences of the pandemic: restrictions in many countries prevent full-fledged offline events from being held. Even when the return to offline…
Дискриминация или равнодушие почему ивенты в Украине фактически под запретом

Discrimination or indifference: why events in Ukraine are actually banned

Olena 21.07.2020

Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine as a whole have already been eased. In most regions of the country, catering establishments, cinemas, shopping and entertainment centers (including children's areas) are allowed to operate. And…
Гибридные ивенты наше очевидное будущее

Hybrid events are our obvious future. What will they look like?

Olena 16.07.2020

Event organizers all over the world agree that most events in the future will contain elements to reach a virtual audience. The events will become hybrid: with a small number of people…
очереди на мероприятиях

5 ways to prepare for queues at live events after quarantine

Olena 09.07.2020

Since physical events are slow to resume, there will be a lot of trial and error in their organization. Social distancing is one of the proven methods of reducing the risk of…
безопасные ивенты

Safe events: is it realistic to prepare an event during quarantine

Olena 07.07.2020

Since June, events have been officially allowed in Ukraine - but subject to quarantine. The list of requirements was published by the Ministry of Health in advance. Among the main ones: mask…

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