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A menu on a corporate event or how to choose a catering company

ARENACS 26.10.2018

Each event assumes food for participants and development of a menu on a corporate event. In this article we collected recommendations for correct choice of a catering company. But at first we…

Organization of a corporate holiday: preparation and maintaining documents

ARENACS 25.10.2018

The holiday’s bureau ARENA CS heads the rating of event agencies; organization of a corporate holiday is one of the main activities. Our event business is successful thanks to a special technique,…

A corporate new year – ideas and formats of a holiday

ARENACS 24.10.2018

All staff of firm waits for a corporate New year, which ideas can be absolutely different! A program of a New Year's corporate event has to be such that its positive charge…

Do you think where it is possible to carry out a corporate event? We will help to decide!

ARENACS 24.10.2018

Where is it possible to carry out a corporate event? How to create an original corporate event, which will be pleasant to guests and participants?  The event agency ARENA CS is always…

The event agency arena cs: structure and features of creation of a scenario

ARENACS 22.10.2018

Each event agency, which wants to please a client, has to exercise in a question of development of a scenario judgment. Do you think where it is possible to carry out a…

Carrying out a corporate new year: features of arena cs’ work

ARENACS 17.10.2018

Carrying out a corporate New Year is an important event for any company, therefore it is so important that all details were observed, problems are fixed, and an event is organized at…

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