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Ослабление карантина и организация мероприятий

Quarantine measures and event management

Olena 28.05.2020

There is a little more clarity, but no full confidence yet. Event organization workers can only hope for positive statistical dynamics and think about how to take into account all the restrictions…
Развиваться или ждать

Evolve or wait? Opposing opinions from industry experts

Olena 26.05.2020

Quarantine events have not been completely canceled, uncertainty remains, and representatives of the event industry are discussing how to move forward. Someone expresses the opinion that it is necessary to start work…
Ценообразование виртуальных ивентов

Virtual Event Ticket Pricing

Olena 21.05.2020

Virtual events will remain on the market in any case, and understanding how to properly monetize them is essential for the survival and recovery of the industry. What is the price of…
Как гибридные мероприятия могут спасти ивент сферу

How hybrid events can save the event sphere

Olena 19.05.2020

Now in Ukraine, quarantine restrictions are gradually weakening. But the pandemic is not over. And when the first events are resolved, they will look very different. Firstly, they will be small due…

The influence of international communities on the cooperation between countries

Olena 15.05.2020

Recently, ARENA CS has entered into a partnership with OpenDoorUkraine.NL. This partnership was created to develop business ties, promote sustainable development and social, cultural activities between businesses in the Netherlands and Ukraine.…
Как «шопинг-реванш» может возродить ивенты

How “revenge shopping” can revive events

Olena 12.05.2020

After a protracted quarantine in China, fashion brand Hermès reopened its flagship store. On the first day, he managed to earn $ 2.7 million. This is the highest figure for a boutique…

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