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New Year’s corporate party online: 9 original scenarios

Daria 13.01.2021

This year (it's understandable why) many companies for the first time chose the option of holding a traditional New Year's corporate party online. To be honest, it’s not easy to leave employees…
Как ивент менеджерам зарабатывать

How event managers can make money during the restricted period

Daria 17.12.2020

The event management industry is in a difficult position. Therefore, it is extremely important to attract alternative income options that will allow organizers to survive the lockdown and not slide into debt.…
организация онлайн ивента

Notes from a professional online event organizer

Daria 14.12.2020

How to prepare an online event at the highest level. Where to begin? Goal setting This is an integral part of the planning process. It is necessary to determine why this event…

Stunning digital installations from TeamLab

Daria 10.12.2020

The name TeamLab hides a team of digital artists from Tokyo. Their work is a harmonious combination of traditional art and innovative technologies, modern design and science, as well as natural phenomena.…
трендовые цвета 2021

What colors will be trending in 2021 and 2022: prediction from Coloro

Daria 26.11.2020

When planning the decor for events planned for the next year, we advise you to use the forecast from Coloro - a color scheme approved by WGSN Corporation in conjunction with CTIC.…
идеи для новогодних онлайн-мероприятий

6 ideas for New Year’s online events and corporate events

Daria 23.11.2020

Worldwide morbidity statistics force us to agree: no one will lift the restrictions, and most of the activities will have to be carried out online. Including (oh, horror!), Some of the New…

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