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Joёl Lion, Embassy of Israel
Ambassador of the State of Israel to Ukraine

In the name of Embassy and in my name, I would like to extend to ARENA CS our deep gratitude for organizing an unforgettable event for the 71st anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel.

The organizers met all our wishes and requirements despite their complexity and have performed them at the highest possible level taking into account the amount of guests, their importance and diversity.

I specially would like to laud Yulia Gulevych and Anastasiia Kashuba foe their patience and professionalism.

We appreciate the remarkable contribution of ARENA CS and would like to emphasize their high professionalism, flexibility and managing skills.

We would be glad to continue our cooperation further.

Taras Mykhalniuk, Arseniy Yatsenyuk “Open Ukraine” Foundation
Director, Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation

With this letter on behalf of the Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation, I am delighted to express our gratitude to ARENA CS for logistical support in organization of the 11th Kyiv Security Forum (KSF) which was conducted on April 12-13 2018.

The Kyiv Security Forum has been held annually since 2007. It is the foremost platform in Central and East Europe for the high-level discussion on the most pressing regional and global security challenges.

This year KSF gathered in Kyiv distinguished world intellectuals, high-level policy makers and notable civil society leaders to discuss the issues of ensuring long-lasting peace, national freedom and protection of universal values. Among the speakers of forum there were President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, Prime Minister from Moldova, Lithuania and many others.

Taking into account the highest level of the forum, the big number of the participants we would like to underline enormous contribution of ARENA CS and its great team to make our important event successful.

Embassy of Switzerland

As soon as we learned Kyiv office hosts a four-day forum with 90 participants coming from all over the globe, we started searching hard for an event management company, which could assist us in organization of the event and provide full-fledged technical and logistical support in a professional way. After doing plenty for research, we found Arena CS.

Core team of Arena CS: Olga Kovalchuk, Anastasia Sudets and Kateryna Khrystychenko, who stepped in at early stage of the preparations and were accompanying us until the last participant boarded the plane, and true professional in their field. They divided areas of responsibilities among themselves and step by step we taking care of each detail. What was important for us is that they were keeping us updated all the time and were fully transparent. Other staff members of Arena CS involved in the event were also very efficient, helpful and friendly, so all the participants felt welcomed in Ukraine and many of them expressed the wish to come back.

We highly recommend Arena CS to anyone who planning an event and are happy to provide more details, if needed.

David Liska, Porsche
Director of Porsche Ukraine

We are satisfied with the cooperation during the preparation and conduct of the event, and would like to note the high professionalism and reliability of Arena CS.

Dmytro Bondarev, Novo Nordisk
Marketing manager

Managers оf Arena CS always react quickly and solve problems of any complexity in the preparation and during the event.

Stanislav Shevchuk, ОБСЕ
OSCE PCU National Legal Adviser

We would like to note the high organization of events in general, as well as the professional level of the company’s representatives.

Halyna Skipalska, Ukrainian Foundation of civil health
Executive director of the ICF "Ukrainian Foundation of civil health"

Your team has shown a high level of preparation for the conference and professional approach in addressing pressing issues.

With the managers of your company is always a pleasure to work, they quickly respond to tasks and solve problems of any complexity.

The combination of ARENA’s uncompromised professionalism and humanity, integrity and attention to details has been crucial for our very effective and meaningful cooperation.

I recommend the company “Arena Conferences & Seminars LLC” as a very professional and most reliable service provider.

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