Play your part in saving the world

Events continue to generate a lot of garbage and waste.

As a sustainable business, ARENA CS implements the best practices to reduce the harmful impact of the events on the environment.

We urge you to join the initiative to create activities that minimize environmental impact.


Waste segregation

No matter how hard you try to deal with waste, keep in mind that you can’t get rid of garbage completely.

A responsible organizer takes care of the waste segregation, recycles everything that can be reused, or safely utilizes the rest.


Recycling badges and ribbons

Plastic or pseudo-plastic badges, as well as badge ribbons, are not being recycled in Ukraine today, but we know how to safely dispose of them.

Participants can leave them in special recycle boxes at check-in tables at all ARENA CS’ events.


Recycled products

If the format of the event involves writing notes or using printed handouts, we recommend that you choose recycled paper or cardboard products.



Reuse plastic products to reduce the amount of it. For example, refill your plastic bottles and coolers.

After the event, the plastic is handed over for recycling.


Biodegradable tableware

In case it is impossible to avoid disposable tableware, there is an option to use biodegradable tableware made from bran, starch, bamboo, сraft paper or recycled cardboard.


Mobile apps

Using mobile applications allows you to distribute information, materials, presentations, engage the audience in communication and writing notes without using paper or any other additional materials.


Sustainable decorations

Though a vinyl banner is an affordable branding item or decoration, it is still made of plastic.

We recommend paying attention to more sustainable branding and giving your vinyl banners a second life.



A shot of methane in the peak moment of the event is not only an explosion of emotions and joy but also the spill of several kilograms of plastic.

It is easy to collect and dispose of it indoors, but in open areas, it will lie in the ground for centuries.

We encourage you to use only paper confetti at outdoor events.


Green kilometers

Internal combustion engines generate not only draft power but also greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2018, ARENA CS has been contributing to the air quality of Kyiv by using an electric pickup truck for daily commuting. 93% of ARENA CS materials are transported using clean energy.

Learn more about how to make the most impactful event with minimal impact on the environment, from your ARENA CS manager.

Let’s make it green!